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  • Cucuzza65Photo

    the empire axe is 100$ cheaper than the dm14 but the dm14 originally is 1,500$ but is on sale for idk how long but it save me 700$ which I wouldn't buy it at its original price anyways. So what's b...

  • TimedFormula8Photo

    Do you have a good pod pack, barrel swab, mask? I personally think a used ego 11 with dart kit or buying used will work best.

  • jnorr80Photo

    Hey everybody,So I'm pretty much a rec ball player looking to get into the tourney scene (Chicago, IL) but I take it really seriously. I'm wondering what kind of gun I should upgrade to when i get...

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    So predict, custom annos are not your thing? *pred Not really. I like simpler color schemes, not some tri-fade 6 color rainbow 3d splash bullshit that seems to be popular these days. Also, you ca...

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Invert Mini

    ChloricName - Today, 01:02 PM

    Lol, Etha not loud anymore.

  • ChloricNamePhoto

    So predict, custom annos are not your thing? *pred

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    If you buy used and/or increase your budget, you can get a better gun that won't need upgrades. It will last a long time as-is. An A5 is a money pit. You can spend a ton of money on it, but there...

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    All guns have the same accuracy. Speed doesn't matter, that'll be the same as anyone else around you. We can't tell you which you is more comfortable, that's personal preference. There's absolutely...

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