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  • FreakPhoto

    *Color does not mater on either item* Willing to buy a spire for $135 or $145 with spring ramp. Also looking for an Etek 3/4 for around 225 for the 3 and 275 for the 4.  More th...

  • FreakPhoto
    JT Proflex lens issue.

    Freak - Today, 02:12 AM

    After ~3 days all the water appears to have evaporated. I still have an extra two back up lenses being sent. It seems to be completely fine now but to be safe I'm switching to the replacement lense...

  • HarryPhoto

    Get ether one they are both amazing.The etha is very low maitnance but the G5 is really light and is a really good starter speedball gun. The Etha is also very light, and a good starter gun, but i...

  • the  VampirePhoto
    Best Guns

    the Vampire - Yesterday, 10:17 PM

    Get a used geo 3 or 2 or get a dm 14 used you could get a boblong victory or insite as well used.how can you give advice if you dont, own them or have any experience or facts to back up your statem...

  • Hitman TurkeyPhoto
    Best Guns

    Hitman Turkey - Yesterday, 07:04 PM

    Get a used geo 3 or 2 or get a dm 14 used you could get a boblong victory or insite as well used.

  • Hitman TurkeyPhoto
    airsofter here....

    Hitman Turkey - Yesterday, 06:51 PM

    Hey Everybody, so i know its quite blasphamis posting a airsoft topic in a paintball forum, but hear me out. so let m start from the beginning, i bought a polarstar engine for my one of my airsoft...

  • Hitman TurkeyPhoto

    I mainly play woodsball or scenario(casual player), my price for the gun is max $200 (the gun only though, not any other equipment). I will not buy used. I also want something with upgradibility so...

  • Hitman TurkeyPhoto

    Hello TechPB forums, this is my very first post and it won't be my last. Im starting to get back into paintball again and would like some advice on a good marker. I played paintball all the time be...

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