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  • AR15 guyPhoto
    Pinokio Manual

    AR15 guy - Yesterday, 06:47 PM

    How does the lid spring go on?? Nvm I got it. Also had to figure out what the little piece was that fell out.

  • agentxPhoto
    GOG G1 Issues

    agentx - Yesterday, 02:48 PM

    If it is still under warranty, I would contact GOG and send it into them. I used to have an Extacy and the noid went bad. They had it back to me in 10 days, and it was working perfectly. I wou...

  • RcplanPhoto

    I'm from philippines and hydro tester facility here is so rare, the scratch comes when it shipp I think, is there anyway to repair this?

  • ChloricNamePhoto

    That's not good.if the fibers are exposed, your going to have to change it or fix it or take it into repair.

  • RcplanPhoto

    Here are the other photo

  • RcplanPhoto

    Good day ninjapaintball, Today my ninja tank arrived I noticed that it has many small dents but one of them is serious it came from us and I live here in philippines, please help me if this tank is...

  • ETAempirePhoto
    Getting back in the game.

    ETAempire - May 03 2016 09:54 PM

    Hey everyone, so recently I've decided to get back into the sport after a 4 year hiatus. I sold all of my gear so I'm trying to get some opinions on how things have changed since I last played whic...

  • Ryan-MccrossanPhoto
    New paintball Chanel

    Ryan-Mccrossan - May 03 2016 06:38 AM


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