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  • TimedFormula8Photo

    You should have gotten that on video.

  • JawzPhoto
    Best loader for around $100

    Jawz - Yesterday, 09:59 PM

    Great thanks!  I will strongly consider the Z2. For the price point it appears to be a well made, reliable hopperI had a Z2 once, it caught fire.  No seriously it actually caugh...

  • nineteen5Photo
    Biulding a shocker

    nineteen5 - Yesterday, 03:29 PM

    Just wondering would it be easier so but a broken one and rebuild or start from scratch. A local guy has a sft for sale but he spilled water on in and fried the board and doesn't want to rebuild it.

  • bigxPhoto
    Biulding a shocker

    bigx - Yesterday, 02:33 PM

    Forgot how sharp that old bitch looks. Too bad you have that POS bolt guide on her. ;) 

  • TimedFormula8Photo

    It also depends on the gun you are planning on getting because it may be worth it to save up for something else.

  • andrewthewookiePhoto

    It worked kinda similar to the lvl 10 because of the second Oring on the bolt stem thing. Wont cycle fully unless that oring travels the full way. The lvl 10 works because it vents the chamber...

  • bowmastaPhoto
    Tippmann Crossover XVR?

    bowmasta - Yesterday, 11:47 AM

    The first generation of Crossovers had a trigger that was heavier with a stiffer spring.  But there was a free upgrade released to change the trigger to the newer version, and all stock releas...

  • bowmastaPhoto
    gog Enmey's low force bolt

    bowmasta - Yesterday, 11:39 AM

    When you put your finger in it put it all the way in....  Honestly the bolt on my enmey was softer than nearly any of the other cheap guns I have used. Sans Agd lvl 10. It worked kinda si...

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