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  • ClayCallisonPhoto

    This guy wants to sell his grind pads because he got paintball pants.  In what universe do pants replace pads? http://orlando.craigslist.org/spo/4538901626.html

  • ClayCallisonPhoto

    I was on the psp website when I noticed that the logo looked different.  It took me a minute but I realized after looking closer that the hopper in the silhouette changed from a halo to a virt...

  • ClayCallisonPhoto

    ClayCallison - Today, 10:06 PM

    So we all know which is better and such but how do we get more people into paintball with such a big competitor as airsoft. My answer to this is lowering paint prices to compete with bb prices. So...

  • Old Dude PBPhoto

    Old Dude PB - Today, 09:51 PM

    I think it's good to think creatively about how to grow paintball. So first off, I appreciate the thinking. But having said that, I don't think your proposal will help paintball. Two issues. The fi...

  • bigxPhoto

    If was in your position I'd just break $300 of his shit Thats because you are a cunt. 

  • JawzPhoto

    Yo Forrest, how does 7th place feel?   Oooooh burn.Feels as good as 13 cups to what your 3? I'm under the assumption you're all talking about hockey in which case... 23 fuckers

  • r45vtPhoto
    Extcy upgrades?

    r45vt - Today, 09:09 PM

    Yea it was my bad shouldn't happen agian When I get better guns i prob use this as a backup Shit happens.  It will work fine.  Just use and enjoy it.   First thing to do t...

  • JawzPhoto
    What's the point?

    Jawz - Today, 09:03 PM

    Yea. I could still fuck everyone up though I'm just throwing that out there

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