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  • P.A.NPhoto

    I have the new, dark grey gropro you speak of. You cannot remove it from the case it comes in, nor does it have wifi or blutooth capability. that being said its an amazing camera, Ill see if i have...

  • P.A.NPhoto
    NT11 or/vs DM14

    P.A.N - Today, 12:03 AM

    dm14, far more consistent and has less problems

  • P.A.NPhoto

    Hey Hey Hey, It depends on the kind of Phantom he gets. You can get a VSC one that is very similar to holding an elcetro... I must say, if youre interested in having fun, go to the Phantom. I find...

  • jliao815Photo
    NT11 or/vs DM14

    jliao815 - Yesterday, 11:24 PM

    Trying to figure which marker is more worth it..

  • ujelly80Photo
    Etek 4 Lt for sale/trade

    ujelly80 - Yesterday, 11:00 PM

    - Snip - Rule 1

  • bowmastaPhoto
    Automag RT PRO leaking

    bowmasta - Yesterday, 08:18 PM

    Look up the AGD maintenance videos on youtube. If you can hold the trigger and it doesn't leak its the powertube oring, if it leaks while you rest the trigger its probably on of the on off ori...

  • bigxPhoto
    So I Like A Girl

    bigx - Yesterday, 07:08 PM

     And if it doesn't fit?  make a bigger hole  #hammerdickthunderstick

  • Red InfinityPhoto
    So I Like A Girl

    Red Infinity - Yesterday, 06:09 PM

    And if it doesn't fit?  make a bigger hole

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