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    yelp, my parents said I can't buy gear, they said its too expensive to not use alot, yet they let me buy $140 piece of recording equipment that I haven't used yet.

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    Double post

  • SeanPB1029Photo

    As a DM14 owner I can vouch for what Harry said. The ASA is really finicky and it is hard to air up the gun. My suggestion is empty your tank, then screw it in to the gun. Flip the ASA lever to air...

  • imped4nowPhoto
    Lube for a mini gs?

    imped4now - Today, 08:36 AM

    You won't "screw up your gun" if you understand why the requirements are what they are. ;)

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Barrel Lengths

    ChloricName - Today, 07:32 AM


  • h2gPhoto
    LUX 2.0 need help

    h2g - Today, 02:33 AM

    Sorry forgot to post the pic

  • h2gPhoto
    LUX 2.0 need help

    h2g - Today, 02:26 AM

    I recently got a lux 2.0. When I attached the extension piece on the bottom I noticed a gap. I have tightened all the screws but the gap stays. currently I don't have any air and honestly I am worr...

  • mehPhoto
    Rotor Or Prophecy?

    meh - Today, 01:35 AM

    have both  and have problems with both. Rotor jams a lot on me, so i would go z2. its 89 bucks on ans right now. I would go with the pinokio speed or the original. Never jammed on me.

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