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  • CrispyCreamPhoto

    CrispyCream - Today, 06:36 AM

    i offered $40 bucks on a halo, i  had a typo and put $400... then the guys asked for $25...

  • FreakPhoto

    *Color does not mater on either item* Willing to buy a spire for $135 or $145 with spring ramp. Also looking for an Etek 3/4 for around 225 for the 3 and 275 for the 4.  More th...

  • FreakPhoto
    JT Proflex lens issue.

    Freak - Today, 02:12 AM

    After ~3 days all the water appears to have evaporated. I still have an extra two back up lenses being sent. It seems to be completely fine now but to be safe I'm switching to the replacement lense...

  • HarryPhoto

    Get ether one they are both amazing.The etha is very low maitnance but the G5 is really light and is a really good starter speedball gun. The Etha is also very light, and a good starter gun, but i...

  • the  VampirePhoto
    Best Guns

    the Vampire - Yesterday, 10:17 PM

    Get a used geo 3 or 2 or get a dm 14 used you could get a boblong victory or insite as well used.how can you give advice if you dont, own them or have any experience or facts to back up your statem...

  • Hitman TurkeyPhoto
    Best Guns

    Hitman Turkey - Yesterday, 07:04 PM

    Get a used geo 3 or 2 or get a dm 14 used you could get a boblong victory or insite as well used.

  • Hitman TurkeyPhoto
    airsofter here....

    Hitman Turkey - Yesterday, 06:51 PM

    Hey Everybody, so i know its quite blasphamis posting a airsoft topic in a paintball forum, but hear me out. so let m start from the beginning, i bought a polarstar engine for my one of my airsoft...

  • Hitman TurkeyPhoto

    I mainly play woodsball or scenario(casual player), my price for the gun is max $200 (the gun only though, not any other equipment). I will not buy used. I also want something with upgradibility so...

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