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  • ClayCallisonPhoto

    The only milsim I would ever use personally is the d'fender but since that is neither mag fed nor in your budget I guess it's out of the question.

  • TK-421Photo

    Not being able to switch hands is not a bad thing or a hinderance in any way whatsoever. But I wouldn't go with a remote line, I'd go with a marker that allows you to use a 13ci tank in the stock....

  • TinyBearPhoto

    In my opinion best and most cost effective way currently to give mag fed a try would be to look into a pistol setup. Tiberius or Tippmann TiPX are your best bets. Both are well proven designs,...

  • Curry PiPhoto
    My luck

    Curry Pi - Today, 01:36 PM

    Almost jizzed 

  • PREDATOR 47Photo
    My luck

    PREDATOR 47 - Today, 11:27 AM

    And you didn't even shit on her? Disappoint.

  • Curry PiPhoto
    My luck

    Curry Pi - Today, 10:04 AM

    So i was playing paintball last sunday at a farm with a scouting group. Before everyone hypes bout the dangers of that, there were refs, markers were chrono'd and there was a designated safezone. T...

  • OFWGKTA666Photo

    Dodged a bullet with that one I'm glad I asked. But what other companys should i look into? So far I've got milsig and maybe Tiberius arms? I saw that the t15 came out and it looks pretty sharp. I...

  • smurfinator22Photo

    for a nice entry level magfed marker, look at used milsig k series markers you can find people selling them with mags for pretty cheap and the markers themselves are built like tanks. ive also seen...

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