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  • epinemaPhoto
    Good Entry Mask

    epinema - Today, 02:41 AM

    Possibly try a V-Force Armor and just get a thermal lens for it if need be?  I use the earlier generation that were released under Tippmann, spend 6 hours a day reffing and working in it and i...

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto

    Not all spools are blow forward but Im not going to get into that... The Mini has an oring on the poppet but the dump chamber air is released by a valve that is face sealing. The poppet is opened...

  • get.lit.up!Photo
    Best poppit under $400

    get.lit.up! - Yesterday, 11:47 PM

    #butthurtonline Like get over it guises. And jay-us get the OP a fucking efficient marker spool or not Dude just wants efficiency.

  • ClayCallisonPhoto
    Best poppit under $400

    ClayCallison - Yesterday, 10:52 PM

    NT is a blow forward spool valve...It's actually a pressure controlled poppet valve.  All spools are blow forward that's just how they work.  A spool valve is a single piece that moves fo...

  • Jdevil5Photo
    Gun to buy?

    Jdevil5 - Yesterday, 10:44 PM

    Hey guys! I am looking through the market for a mech marker and stumbled upon this treasure trove of information. I own a etha and haven't really had the blast paintball used to bring and started l...

  • SOUPPhoto
    Best poppit under $400

    SOUP - Yesterday, 10:07 PM

    NT is a blow forward spool valve...

  • ClayCallisonPhoto
    Best poppit under $400

    ClayCallison - Yesterday, 09:39 PM


  • bigxPhoto
    XSV Ego 06 - Almost perfect!

    bigx - Yesterday, 09:30 PM

    Thats super clean. Deffinately a nice marker. If I had the disposable income she would be collecting dust on my shelf right about now. 

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