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  • bigxPhoto
    spoolie advice

    bigx - Today, 10:50 PM

    Because $150 SFT shocker plus $30 eigenbolt = more or less $1500 Luxe with $30 eigenbolt. 

  • bigxPhoto

    Oh wow those look really snazzy. 

  • ClayCallisonPhoto

    My field is going through the same decision. We've had the same rep for years at Empire who recently got canned so my boss is trying to get a better deal on paint. Empire has always had g...

  • smurfinator22Photo

    smurfinator22 - Today, 10:29 PM

    you could go and play one session with the div 1 guys who knows, you could be able to hold your own against them and if anything, it would be a learning experience because 1) you have to train your...

  • irish727Photo
    JT impulse price drop?

    irish727 - Today, 10:12 PM

    It dropped the price on them so it naturally brought the resale value down.

  • PREDATOR 47Photo
    Mini GS Upgrades ?

    PREDATOR 47 - Today, 10:04 PM

     i'm pretty sure almost all of the axe/mini bolts are interchangeable. They are.

  • P.A.NPhoto

    P.A.N - Today, 10:02 PM

    Go pump d1 playersLOL I wish I was that good

  • o0 slender 0oPhoto

    Anyone else noticed the dramatic price drop for the JT impulse? I'm seeing them everywhere now for 599? Anyone know why this is cause it seems like a good deal for the good things I've heard about...

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