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  • halofanPhoto
    worst gun

    halofan - Today, 10:32 PM

    What is the worst paintball gun out there. This is for any paintball company out there

  • SOUPPhoto
    JT impulse price drop?

    SOUP - Today, 09:43 PM

    They are nice and I've seen used ones as low as $400.

  • ExtremeFacepainterPhoto

    You know that this marker is $199.99 brand new from ans? I would be interested at like $125.Oops, thought it was on sale when I bought it. Thanks for the heads up. No way I would go that low....

  • halofanPhoto
    pinokio prop

    halofan - Today, 09:09 PM

    Does anyone know were I can get a pinokio prop and for what price.

  • OlindoPhoto
    Karnivor Pump

    Olindo - Today, 09:00 PM

    Marker: Karnivor Pump  Condition: 8/10 Color: Blue/SilverUpgrades: CCM Pump KitCCM 86* FrameWGP BarrelCustom Products regDon't remember the ASA/Dropforward  Known Problems: None Aski...

  • OlindoPhoto
    Like new Ego LV1

    Olindo - Today, 08:57 PM

    Marker: Ego LV1 Condition: Basically new, sat in box since they came out.Color: Midnight BlackUpgrades: N/aKnown Problems: NoneAsking Price: $1150Shipping Options: Free shipping to the USTrades of...

  • P.A.NPhoto

    P.A.N - Today, 08:35 PM

    Thanks for the help guys! This is what Techpb is all about!

  • Justin B.Photo
    JT impulse price drop?

    Justin B. - Today, 07:57 PM

    Dang I didn't even realize! That's insane. I almost wanna try to trade my Vic for one. lol They seem nice.

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