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#1 Fender



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Posted 29 September 2008 - 08:37 PM

Make your own.

#2 Sellingbrokenion



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Posted 09 October 2008 - 11:35 AM

The most frequently asked questions by Ion owners to me. (for stock Ions)
Notice theese are not problems if you read your manual.
1. I have never used this before how do I turn it on?
A: Push the little button above the grip and hold it till it blinks.
2. Why doesnt it turn on?
A: Check your battery, yes it does have a battery.
3. How do I adjust the Velocity?
A: You adjust it at the reg, hold your grip steady and turn screw using that special tool they gave me.
If you can remember these you probably can Chrono your Ion.

DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN YOUR FEED NECK. Never glue, or weld any parts of your gun. Always point your gun in a safe direction when turning it on. Your gun may discharge after you have disconnected air and think it is turned off. :angry:

#3 ibunkeru666


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Posted 14 October 2008 - 05:34 PM

Q: How do i adjust the trigger?
A: take off the grip, under the back of the grip frame will be a small screw, turn it clock wise to shorten the pull and make the pull harder counter clock wise to move the trigger out and make a lighter pull.(if you adjust too much in one direction it will cause the marker to not fire. then there is a screw on the trigger this will make the trigger stop short.

Q: What brands of lube should I use?
A: While you Ion is still under warranty you HAVE to use SL33k or your warranty is void, after that you can use HATERSAUCE,DYE SLICK, TechTGun Butta, HATER MARMALADE or any other Dow 33

Q: What upgrades should I get?
A: A feedneck, and about 2,000 rounds of paint

Q: My ion will fire, but it wont fire every round and is chopping.
A: change the battery.

Q: My ion is acting funny chopping, drop off, turning off all the time.
A: Change the battery with a high quality 9V

Q:What brand of batteries should I use?
A: Duracell, Energizer,stay away from rechargeable ones.

Q:Should i Use Co2 or Hpa
A: I know that the manual says that you can use co2 but co2 can still damage your marker, because the liquid co2 can get into the solenoid and rapidly expand to high psi and cause the solenoid to rupture. so to prolong the life of your ion use HPA.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me just send me a pm i am on here everyday and would love to help.

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#4 Ionikpaintball


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Posted 13 November 2008 - 11:13 PM

how do i change the body?
A: unscrew the grip, unscrew the frame, and unscrew the banjos(screws with hose going into it)from the body, s.ide out the fireing can. repaet reversed and there you go
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#5 Kodiak


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Posted 14 November 2008 - 02:11 AM

What is Dwell?

* "Dwell" is the amount of time the solenoid remains open (measured in milliseconds, or ms for short), which translates to how long the bolt will stay forward. This determines the length of time the Ion's valve will release air to fire the paintball.
* Increases in dwell will generally increase your velocity as well, although there are working limits to this.
* On the stock board, dwell is adjusted in half-millisecond intervals, starting at 8 milliseconds. This means the lowest setting on the board is 8-ms, first setting up is 8.5-ms, then 9-ms, 9.5-ms, etc etc. The stock dwell setting is 52 blinks from the bottom (34-ms).
* We don't recommend you adjust the dwell unless you wish to spend time [and air] fine-tuning the marker, to possibly receive better performance. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

How to set Dwell

1. Pressurize your Ion at whatever input pressure you wish to use. We suggest between 150-180 psi, depending on the internals. The following steps involve you dry-firing the marker (firing it without paint).
2. Lower the dwell setting to the minimum (or an extremely low setting, such as 5 blinks with the stock board, or 8 milliseconds with an aftermarket board).
3. Gradually increase dwell until the marker begins to fully cycle. When the marker has trouble cycling, the sound of the bolt firing will be muffled and sound erratic, denoting inconsistencies. When you reach the point where it fully cycles, the marker will make a loud POP for each shot you take, with minimal sound difference between the shots.
4. Once the Ion is fully cycling, increase the dwell another 4-6 blinks (2-3 milliseconds with aftermarket board), and that will be your dwell setting.

Dwell In Relation to ROF/Recharge

* Definition: "Recharge rate" is the term used to describe the length of time after the dwell has expired, before the marker will be allowed to fire again. So, the higher you set the recharge setting, the lower the Rate of Fire will be. This is because there's more time between shots, slowing the ROF down. And vice-versa.
* To determine your Rate of Fire (ie. 10-bps, 15-bps, etc) the Ion stock board uses a combination of Dwell and Recharge. A calculator to figure out exact combinations can be found here. You should always set your dwell to its optimal setting (detailed above) before adjusting the Recharge setting.
* Most of you have heard of the infamous "48 Rule". This rule has created many misconceptions about Recharge and what it's used for. Basically, the 48 rule says "set your dwell and recharge so they add up to 48, which will set the marker to 'exactly' 17-bps". This is totally useless and the marker will fire the exact same regardless of if you follow it. Therefore we suggest you IGNORE IT.
* Recharge is only used to determine the max ROF for the marker. Recharge has nothing to do with consistency, efficiency, recoil, or ANY other factor! All it will do is slow down or speed up your maximum cycling speed. It has no influence on how the marker fires at all. You're only adjusting the ROF, so the gun will fire the exact same regardless of where its set (basically).

#6 blackstar848



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Posted 14 November 2008 - 12:16 PM


here is the thread i made on how to set dwell and pressure.

also here is how to cap your stock ion board:


this calculator helps you very much and is extremely accurate.

and as for upgrades i would say the only upgrades you should get to improve air efficiency and overall performance would be the following

qev (360 or virtue), bolt (hollow point made by deadly wind or techt l7), feedneck (any clamping one), board (for simplistic programming blackheart/ for customizability and more experienced users ape rampage)

#7 the_eggman


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Posted 02 September 2009 - 08:24 AM

"I lost my little wrench thingy, how am i supposed to adjust the velocity?"
cresent wrench will work. you feel like a dumbass but it works.

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