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Landing Zone Paintball field

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Posted 13 February 2011 - 07:17 PM

Hey guys I am doing a promo for our field The Landing Zone. we are located on 5368 Klam Rd. Columbiaville, MI. the field rents BT-4s, and has both CO2 and HPA. If you live near flint come check it out! They will not stand cheating, they have a three strike your out rule; Also you can't have tools on the field,they ask you to chrono under 280, anything higher will not be tolerated. All refs are fair in their call's. Most of the refs are trained by team spectre. they like to feature paint that is made in Michigan and it's fresh !!. So if you are looking for a place to have anything from a bachelor party to a birthday party to host come here! we have people of all ages playing.

Landing Zone Field Rules

Welcome to the Landing Zone. Our mission is for everyone to have a safe and fun day of Paintball. If everyone follows the rules we will have a great day.

NO PROFANITY is allowed (on the field or in the staging area).
No arguing or fighting will be tolerated from adults or children

Remember it is only a game - keep your sense of humor, play fair, have fun. If someone is doing something they shouldn't, politely make sure they know what they are doing is wrong so they know not to do it again, and go on with the game. If they continue, report it to the staff so they can check into it.

Each player will chrono their marker prior to entering playing area. Markers are to be set to shoot no higher than 280 fps. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Mask must stay on when you are in the playing field. Barrel sleeves must be on in the Staging area. There will be no firing in the Staging area.

No Blind Firing

Do not fire if you can't see what you are firing at. Many players are tempted to stick their guns out and fire without looking, but avoid this. Blind firing can lead to accidentally shooting players who are leaving the field, referees, or other things you shouldn't shoot.


A player is eliminated when a paintball breaks and leaves a paint mark at least a quarter size or larger anywhere on the player.
There is no elimination if the paintball does not break upon impact. If the paintball splatters after hitting a tree or other object, the player is not eliminated. If a paintball hits and breaks anywhere on a marker, hopper or any other piece of equipment on a player, that player is out. When a player has been hit in a location that he cannot see, he may call for a paint check. The player must call "PAINT CHECK ME" and continue to play. A referee will come over to check the player for a hit, do not stop playing. If the referee feels it necessary to move the player to check him, he will call the player neutral by shouting out "THIS PLAYER IS NEUTRAL", and will place a hand on the player. If you see a referee with his hand on a player, that player is neutral. Neutral players may not be fired upon, and they may not fire. Neutral players may not move, and no player may move to improve their position on this player. Once the paint check has been resolved the referee will call the player in or out, and the game will resume. A player may call a paint check on another player if he is reasonably sure the player has been hit and marked. To do this the player calling the paint check must say "PAINTCHECK" FOLLOWED BY THE LOCATION AND IF POSSIBLE THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PLAYER TO BE CHECKED. (i.e. "paint check the guy in the black sweatshirt behind the blue barrel to my right"). The more exact the location and description are given, the faster your paint check will be executed. Referees will not respond to a player simply calling "Paint check". If paint checks are called excessively or needlessly the referee may eliminate the player calling the checks. When calling a paint check on another player you may not move on that player, but you should continue to fire. You should encourage players who you believe you have eliminated to check themselves by calling out "CHECK YOURSELF PLEASE". Again, be as specific as possible by telling the player exactly where to check. When a player checks himself, you must stop firing at him.

If you a caught rubbing off paint while in the game to avoid calling yourself "out", you will not be allowed to play. Cheaters will not be tolerated.

Loudly call “HIT” and raise one hand above your head, place your barrel cover over the barrel of the marker.
Once you call “HIT”, you must exit the game at the designated exit point (to be specified by the referee prior to game start).
Players must quickly exit the field, no talking to active players Dead Players can not talk to Live Players-- Dead men don't talk!-- Once you are out you cannot say anything but "I'm hit, I'm out!" You cannot gesture or otherwise convey any information to any other player. Imitating a “HIT” player will not be tolerated.

All decisions made by the referee are final. A player may be ejected from the field for arguing or disagreeing with the referee. If a dispute does occur between a player and a referee, it should be brought off the field and taken to the head referee. There a number of experienced players who serve as "In Play Refs", our version of undercover cops. They are constantly watching for cheaters and unsafe players. They can also be helpful for answering questions if you cannot find a field referee.

If an attacking player is within 15 feet of another player, that player may demand a “surrender.”
If the defending player accepts the “surrender”, he/she will leave the field as a “hit” player.
If the defending player does not accept the “surrender”, he/she has the right to return fire.
Whenever you get a player in a hopeless situation, (i.e.; you are 15 ft or less from a player who has no idea you are there), you should offer the player a chance to surrender rather than shoot at close range. Call out "SURRENDER". If he does not respond in a non-aggressive manner, you may shoot. Absolutely No head shots or multiple shooting will be tolerated. To surrender, a player may call "OUT", "HIT", "I SURRENDER", "I GIVE", "UNCLE", or any other statement that will convey a positive response. Players not making any response, or those who try to bluff will probably be shot.
The “Surrender” option is to reduce the number of injuries experienced from being hit at close range. It is strictly an option. Players are highly encouraged to use it.

If an opposing player “Barrel Tag’s” you or touches you, you are eliminated. This is a Forced Surrender. The player does not have to even say “Surrender” to the player. This allows well hidden opponents to stay hidden.

Continual failure to follow any of the guidelines on this form may result in ejection from all paintball facilities.

A. Removing or lifting goggle/face mask system after first warning.
B. Any fighting with other players or referees.
C. Failure to play in a safe manner.
D. Blind shooting (shooting without looking) after first warning.
E. Any player that his/her actions would make it not pleasurable or unsafe for others to return to play and have fun.

Landing Zone

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Posted 05 March 2011 - 10:48 PM

Sounds great! i usually play at no limits, but when im out that way ill deffiently come check it out!

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Posted 10 March 2011 - 09:46 PM

Great place to play. $15 to play at a scenario game, that includes entrance and air card. $40 for a case of field paint made in Michigan, but you can bring your own paint. 40+ acres to play, great refs, multiple structures and great scenarios that change per weekend. Scenario's and refs are run by the home team SPECTRE which is sponsored by Tippmann along with the field.

Check out the field website- http://landingzonepaintball.com/
Team SPECTRE- http://spectrehq.org/

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