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Brittleness rating 1-10

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Posted 01 February 2009 - 09:11 PM

I LOVE XO PAINT. i use it just about everysingle weekend. its my favorite brand. the only 2 paints that i havent used of theres are Chrome and hot box. other than that i have shot ATLEAST a case of all their other paint. im gonna rate all the paint i have used on a scale of 1-10.

24k designer series: 9.5/10

I have shot just about 3 cases of this its honestly the most brittle paint i have ever used more brittle than the Allstar, marbs and evil and i have shot all of those at different tourneys. i am gonna have to give it a 9.5 because i havent used real red legion with ultra evil shell all i have used is seconds red legion and that was not that great but i dont know if the good stuff might be more brittle. you HAVE to use a low pressure gun like an ego or a DM6 or higher, anthing like a rail will just blow this paint apart time after time. also you have to bore this paint perfectly or your screwed. But you will never get a bounce with this paint. make sure you get it really fresh and off the top of the skid or your gonna have some dimples due to super thin shell.

Chrome Designer series:?
i havent used this paint yet but when they start making there higher end paint in the spring again ill get some.

Vein: 7/10

this really isnt that brittle. its a little thicker of a shell than allstarts or Evil. i have never seen a dimpled ball in the 2 cases and i just opened the first bag to my 3rd case of this paint yesterday. its pretty brittle but not brittle enough that you need to use a very low pressure gun. you will be able to use lower end high pressure guns like a G3 or PMR im really not sure how a 08 SLG would handle it because they are just so brutal on every kind of paint. it is a very solid tourney paint. a good all around choice.

Menace: 6/10

I LOVE THIS PAINT. i use it every single weekend. its like 45 bucks a great price. im pretty sure i have shot about 15 cases of this stuff. i love the bright blue shell. you can see right where your stream is going because they sort of relect light. XO calls it a tourney paint. although i have play tourneys where this was the paint they were using. its really not i would rather use Evil. its just not brittle enough to be real tourney paint for those super important moments where you need it to break . in one tourney i was in the snake and i could see the guys shadow on the other side of the pillow so i poped up put 6 into the top his head and came back down. didnt see him get up after the ref checked him. so that means not one of those balls broke from a foot and a half away. then he came around and put one to my mask and it broke. so its really not realiable paint. i wouldnt trust it for anything important but its amazingly good for rec paint.

V1: 5/10

i have shot 6 cases of this and have 2 more in my room right now. its really hit or miss with this paint sometimes you get a real bad box because my field got a really bad batch a long time ago and thats when i switched to menace. and all the paint does is break over and over again no matter what barrel you use over bore, correct bore or under bore. but when you get a good case its pretty good. its a field paint so its made to be used by every kind of gun. like the rentals. so it doesnt have thin shell at all. YOU WILL GET SOME BOUNCES. so be forwarned. if you get a good case you wont get a single barrel break. there are also 2 differnt sades of orange. there is a light orange and a dark orange fill. usually you get the dark orange i think the only ones with light orange are the dark green light green shell. also THE FILL SMELLS LIKE SHIT. its horrable it smells like wet house paint that you would use to paint walls in your house. but it does wash off.

Spectrum: 3/10

this is garbage paint its only one step above whitebox. this shell really sucks. i bought a case because i was short on cash at the moment and i wish i just asked my friend for a few bucks to atleast but V1. i just filled 5 pods and a hopper and traded the rest for some pieces of pizza then I played pump for the rest of the day. the shell just falls apart in your gun. there were many oblonged balls and alot of dimpled balls.

Hotbox: ?

i have never used this paint but its just whitebox so im not gonna waste my money on crap and its cheaper than spectrum and thats garbage so i really dont want their whitebox.
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Posted 25 February 2009 - 07:57 PM

I've shot a few cases of 24k. It shot fine in my Epiphany but the balls had a huge bore. They seemed big for my .693 insert.

Other than that it shot amazing. Always broke on the target (what you'd expect from tourney paint) and had an amazing thick bright fill.
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