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Ultimate Autococker SR tuning guide!

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Posted 10 July 2011 - 06:09 PM

Autococker SR's suck pretty bad if you shoot them straight out of the box, so i've compiled a little guide on what to do on your first day of shooting, and your cocker will be a new, much better gat in next to no time!

1: Board Settings: Straight after getting your marker, just pop these settings into the the board by holding in the jog dial and adjusting, it's fairly simple, and is the most important factor to consider when improving an sr's performance.
Debounce: 15ms
Sear On Time: 6ms
BIP Delay: 15ms
Open Delay: 10ms
Watch Time: 400ms
Close time: 18ms

2: Polishing the Hammer:

From the factory, the hammer is coated in a thick, somewhat counter productive and performance restricting lubricant.. this thick, dirty lube should be removed prior to lug adjustment to get the smoothest shot, lowest LPR pressures and therefore minimal kick from the marker. After unscrewing the retaining nut in the back of the hammer, then unscrewing the lug from the hammer, it should easily come out. clean this, and the receiver tube it rests in, and then cover the hammer in a nice, long lasting lube (Dow 33/55, hater sauce/marmalade, monkey poo, dye slick lube, ect..), then reverse the steps to put it back into the gun.

3: Lug depth:
Lug depth is very important to the cockers operation, as an incorrectly set up lug nut can cause the gun not to fire,

Too far down, or with too little sear on time, and the gun could no release the hammer.
Too shallow, and the lug might not catch on the sear, and not be able to strike the poppit.

what to do! Through the back of the IVG, there's a retaining nut, back the nut out, then go trough the top of the gun where the bolt is, loosen the bolt until it only bareley catches the sear, then go down between 0.5/1 turns, then re tighten the locking nut.

4: LPR pressure.

Stock from the factory, the autococker sr's LPR is set so high it kicks like a jackhammer, but setting the LPR too low can result in the marker not cocking fully or 'skipping' shots.

Firstly, remove the adjustment nut from it's, and cover it in PTFE/teflon tape, blue loctite, or something similar, just to keep it in place and prevent it from unscrewing during play.

Screw it back in, until the gun just shoots without skipping or not cocking issues, then screw in in about a quater/half turn.

5: Cleaning dirty eyes after chops/barrel breaks.

Remove the bolt, fire the gun (so air rushes through the barrel + upper receiver)... this should have the same effect as Mike's "air in a can" tip, and will blast paint off the eyes..

The eyes are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the guns function, so keep them clean, and don't upon pain of blended paint attempt to shoot with the eyes off. It will not end well.

So there! follow these 5 steps, and you should have your Autococker SR shooting money! Good luck! Good balling!

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