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How the Etek3 Am differs from the LT

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Posted 30 August 2011 - 01:12 AM

The Etek 3 LT and AM are both models of the same gun. Like Cars , there can be one car which is cheaper but doesn't have 4wd and another car that works the same but has 4wd and is more expensive.

Both Models of the Etek3 come in the same case, come with the same goodies (Spare parts, full color manual, Allen keys and barrel bag) and barrel. They both work equally well, and both have the same internal parts.

Priced at 600$ and 100$ more than the Etek3 LT The Etek3 AM model has a Metal trigger frame, Metal eye covers (metal plates that protect the eye wires) and a metal feedneck. The Frame is the main thing between the two, the AM's frame is slightly thinner and the board inside is situated more like an EGO's board. The AM frame also makes it possible to install an upgrade board made by Planet Eclipse that gives you a LCD screen and three buttons instead of one. This upgrade called the EMortal board makes the Etek3 AM more like it's parent marker the Ego (Planet Eclipse's flagship marker). The board gives the user more adjustability and control over the marker's workings. The etek 3 Am is for those that like the solid feel of metal and the ability to get the EMortal board.

The Etek 3 LT priced at 500$ is 100$ less than the Etek3 AM. It has a composite plastic frame, composite plastic eye covers and feedneck making it lighter than the AM. The body, reg and barrel are all metal same as the Etek 3 AM. The LT shoots the same as the AM but it's frame is the big difference. The Composite plastic frame is similiar in strength to the AM's but it is different in other ways. The frame is slightly thicker and the board is situated differently. The board being situated differently makes the LT lack behind it's AM brother, because frame cannot fit the Emortal board upgrade. This is a slight turn off to some users because the LT does not give them the option to upgrade unless they buy a certain kit. This certain kit made by PLanet Eclipse contains a metal frame and metal feedneck and eye covers. The kit basically boosts the LT into being an AM thus making it possible to fit the Emortal board in the frame.

I hope this answers all your questions.

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Posted 30 August 2011 - 11:30 AM

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