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Raise and Fall of the Taliban - October 8, 2011 in North Carolina

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Posted 13 September 2011 - 10:26 AM

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PLEASE NOTE: Weunderstand the emotional burden that 9.11.01 caused in the US. We would like toapologize in advance if this scenario offends anyone whether is a Muslim, andAmerican, or any religion, race or gender. This game is only intended forrecreational purposes only. Being on the Taliban or the American side will notand does not reflect anything upon anyone.

09/01/01 marked one of the most tragic events in the historyof the U.S. no military on earth was as feared as the American armed forces.With precision bombs, nukes, artillery, an armada of tanks and a naval fleet towhich no other country could compare. No one could have expected such adevious, well planned assault on American soil as the attacks of 911. Thisattack was not made by China, Russia, or any other super power in the world.The credit was given to one man responsible for not only the attack, but forthe entire movement of radical Islam as well. Only one man clever enough tobreak through the multiple defenses of the U.S.: Osama Bin Laden!

Finally the world has heard his call. As the world cries outagainst him, thousands mark this event as a victory and join his ranks. He haspierced the heart of America. And now they threaten to fight him on his turf...Let them come... they will fight a losing battle every step of the way. Hislife was not important, his mission is... To ruin the American way of life.Will he succeed?

Soon after the first tower was falling, a small group ofsoldiers were quickly preparing for their nations call. This highly equippedgroup trained in the most difficult of conditions and hardened for the mostintense missions, they lived only for war. Specialized from the ground up theyare their nations pride, they are SealTeam Six!

Sent by the president himself they had but one clearmission... Find and eliminate Osama BinLaden!


TIMELINE: 0730 - doors open for registration

0900 Generals and players briefing (safety, game play, etc)

0920 Game starts

1300 Lunch break

1345 Resumeplay

1600 Gameends

1630 Awardsand Raffle

LOCATION:Xtreme Kombat Durham Field
7460 Highway 98 / Wake Forest Rd
Durham, NC

919 699 4448


Pre-Registration fee:(deadline is 10.02.11) - $25 withall day air

At the door registration:$35 with all day air

TEAM REGISTRATION (4 team members or more)

Discounts only apply forPRE-REGISTRATION (deadline: 10.05.11)

$80 for the first 4 then$15 per extra member

To register your teamplease send us your roster and team name at info@xtremeKombat.com Once weget your team name we will process your payment over the phone (919 699 4448)or through paypal.


Make your payment to info@xtremekombat.com (please make it as a gift) or call919-699-4448

Paint: - Field Paint Only
Field Grade: $60 case, $20 bag
Mid Grade: $70 case, $23 bag
Pro Grade : $80 case, $26 bag
* Paint brands subject to change, call us if you want to know

TeamDiscount (mustpre-register before 10.05.11 to get team paint discount) Must purchase 1 boxper member upon registration then you can buy as you go.

FieldGrade: $48 case
Mid Grade: $58 case
Pro Grade : $68 case

Co2: 9oz - $4, 12oz - $5, 20oz - $6
HPA - 3500 psi & 4500 psi - free with registration
Rate of Fire = 15 bps, ramping allowed
Muzzle Velocity = 270 fps
10-Foot Surrender Query In Effect! You MUST ask, but you may not receive!

Lunch will be catered by XK staff and sold on site includes:
2 hot dogs + 1 bag of chips + 1 gatorade/coke/water = $5
1 cheesburger + 1 bag of chips + 1gatorade/coke/water = $5

Game play:

Throughout the 10 years of war. Seal team six both gained andlost ground against Bin Laden's freedom fighters. This will closely bereflected throughout this game as there will be 3 permanent standing flagpoles. On those poles will be two flags. One will represent seal team six; theother will represent the Taliban. At every hour on the hour a ref will recordwhose flag is higher on the pole (giving points to that team).


There will be a large tape line throughout the playing area.This will be to identify Afghanistan from Pakistan. Seal team six will not beallowed to pass through this border, unless specific mission cards or rewardspermit. Freedom fighters will be able to travel through and along this borderat any time during the game. More details will be available during briefing.


Seal team six will have marked and easily identified"medics". These medics will have the ability to respawn a player bysimply touching them. If on seal team six you are hit you have two options. Toreturn to your general's camp and respawn, or find your closest medic. If youare a freedom fighter with Osama, you have only one option return to yourgeneral and receive divine healing and new direction.

Throughout the day, missions will be given to eachteam's commander. The mission cards will spell out what the objectives are, howlong you have to complete them, and how many points they are worth. It is yourcommander's responsibility to communicate and assign these missions to the restof the team. Refs will be monitoring these missions to record when they arecompleted. Such missions may also include "special" rewards such assuicide bombers, drones, spies, air assaults, and explosives.
The earlier you register, the better chance youhave of picking your team!!!

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Posted 15 September 2011 - 02:34 PM

I was just about to post this up! good thing I found it

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