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Paintball... somewhere in the woods

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If I could go to this event I could...

  1. Voted Help plan day out or field areas out (0 votes [0.00%])

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  2. Bring recording equipment (0 votes [0.00%])

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  3. Bring and trust some one useing your extra equipment (1 votes [100.00%])

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  4. Car pool cuz lets face it gas sucks right now (0 votes [0.00%])

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#1 rudy777



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Posted 16 January 2012 - 07:54 PM

Basicly I've been planning a paintbal event at a friends land in NW GA. The poll above is because the 3 people who own the land that i know for sure that want to play dont have gear so if anyone who wants to come could bring an extra gun mask ect. or whatever that can help it would be great and help to keep the event going. Lastly anyone who wants to come is more than welcome even if you cant bring anything to help. Also I'll have to see about wheather your aloud to come, this is the land owners choice.

Some side notes; no drinking, drugs, or lethal weapons non leatha arel ok if your that worried about your safety I know some people may be because of meeting people from the internet. This is just for player safety and so that we can have good relations with each other.

And here are some random game types we thought of or found to

Elimination: teams set and everyone has one life

Survivor: semi relistic 1 shot head to kill, 3 to chest, 5-6 to limbs

CTF: capture the flag

VIP: one person is a vip there is a set time or location to get the vip to he has 5-8 bodygaurds with him/her

Revival: got to respawn points wipe paint (doesnt have to be all the way off) and get back in the game kills get points first team to max points wins

One in the Chamber: one ball 1-3 lives last man standing wins

CTL: capture the leader each team has a leader you must shoot then escort the leader back to your base to win

10 Paces: !WARNING! not recomended to those who canot take pain, also big waste of paint: back to back ten steps turn and fire untill someone gives up

Zombies: small group of people are zombies get hoppers, humans have to load by hand and if shot they become a zombie

Scenario: act out a battle or something like that

Iron Man: 1 vs. 1 see whos the best man or woman

FFA: free for all (very fast paced and verry fun)

Medic: one medic per team something sets them apart from the other players when a player is shot they must set down or show that there out some how and the medic can revive the payers

Also if there any cheep fields close by tht have realy cheep prices that would help to then i could set the event there instead so everyone could come without worring about safety or lending out there stuff.

#2 WarWithFriendsPaintball



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Posted 23 March 2013 - 12:19 PM


sorry you haven't had much luck finding players. I live in west cobb. message or post here, I can help if you have a place to play close to me. let me know.
War With Friends Paintball! Where Paintballers, Larpers, and Airsofters can meet for battle!

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