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EMPIRES July 21-22 www.fortknoxpaintball.com

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Fort Knox Paintball


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Posted 30 April 2012 - 08:33 PM

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Pre-Registration OPEN

(pay online www.fortknoxpaintball.com with credit card or paypal or call 574-946-4988)

1 day Pass $30 Field Fee (includes all day air)

2 day Pass $50 Field Fee (includes all day air)

Note: Pre-Registration ends at 10:00 PM on 7/13/2011

Don't want to Pre-Register?? Registration is $35 per day the day of the event.

What is a Big Game? Basically, it is an all-day theme based scenario event that is played with hundreds of players of all ages and skill levels. Fort Knox opens all the fields as one GIGANTIC playing field. Game consists of 2 separate HUGE team forces that battle for points and are given specific missions and tasks to complete throughout the day.

Ever wanted to start your own Empire? To make a name not only for yourself, but for your entire family? Well here is your chance. Team up, pick your leader, and create an empire to last through out the ages. To create an empire, many people must unite under one person, who they share views with or they are forced to do so anyways. To expand an empire you must be able take and control various geographical locations. But some times there are other Empireís trying to be created and expanded at the same time. When this happens they must battle for the territory and itís valuable resources. Help your leader to choose the land to occupy and stop another Empire from being born. Take all the resources from the lands, that you can, and use them to create utilities for your Empire. Will you help to make an Empire that will rule over many others and crush all those who oppose your leader or will you allow others to rule over you?

Friday 7/20

2pm Gates open for primitive camping

Download camping waiver

Day 1 (Sat.) 7/21

8am Registration Opens

11am Player Briefing

12am Game On!

3-4pm Lunch Break

4-7pm Game On!

Day 2 (Sun.) 7/22

8am Registration Opens

9:30am Player Briefing

10am Game On

12:30-1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30-3:30pm Game On

Awards and free giveaways to follow promptly after game ends up front

Everyone will get a chance to win free giveaways!

Including (3) 2012 Season Fort Knox Big Game Passes!

Primitive camping available. Drop off your camping waiver off at the registration building when you arrive.

Main Goals

- Empires grow because of the land that they take for their own. Every half hour the commander may pick a location on the map to take and hold. The team has a half hour to remain in an area for 20 minutes, timed by a referee. Once the referee as counted the 20 min, that structure or spot has been captured. If the team is kicked from the location while holding it, they may restart the mission as many times as they wish, as long as it is within the half hour time limit. Once the the Half hour time limit is reached the mission is dead, unless the team is within the designated zone.

- All empires need to complete tasks to become strong. Complete a list of tasks the commander has. Points will be awarded per task.

-Empires canít do anything with out resources. Mine gold and other metals, and harvest trees for lumber. The commander will need all of these to build buildings and their army.


To buy some things from the store, your Empire must have the proper buildings to create the people and supplies. Use the resources gathered to build the following building to help your empire thrive:

SCHOOL: Cuts price on demolitionist and engineer.

HOSPITAL: Cuts price on medics.

FACTORY: Cuts price of Laws And C4, Needed to create Air strike and Helicopter.

BOOT CAMP: Needed to create Specialist, cuts price of snipers.

AIRFIELD: Needed to create air strike.


The following equipment can be purchased by the commander or a liaison at the off field store. Use these things to help win against the opposing forces. Things may be sold for a fraction of the cost to build them.


Specialist card allows the player to constantly reinsert. When the player is shot he is eliminated and must return to the insertion, however they may touch the insertion and then reenter the field of play without waiting. These players will be identified with orange tape. Limit 10 Specialist per side.


Leader cards allow one person to change the course of history. When leaders enter a structure or spot on the map that is being captured, they take 5 minutes off the capture time. The leader must have a flag to do this (which is purchased separately at the store). The leader must remain in the capture zone till the capture is complete. If the leader is eliminated before the zone has been captured, he keeps the flag, and time increases back by 5 min. If the leader captures the location, they give the flag to the referee, and must obtain another flag before they can capture another location.(Limit 3 leaders per side)

Medic cards

Medics are used on the field during game play to heal other players who have been hit any where but the head. Each card will have 10 heals on the card. The medic must write down the players ID number, from the ID tag, whom the medic chooses to heal. Medics must be taped with white arm band tape.

Remember the hit CAN NOT be on the head, only body shots can be healed.

Law cards

To shoot a law rocket you must have a card to do so. Each card will have 5 shots. To shoot a LAW, the player must notify a referee that they are doing so. The referee will then hole punch the LAW card for a shot. The player then must hit the desired target to destroy it, eliminating all players within a structure and 5 feet from it.

Remember the law can only destroy large structures (Buildings, Bridges) not bunkers. All LAW launchers must be chronoed to 230fps and must be inspected by event coordinator.

Demolition Cards

A demolition card, is used to set C4. The person carrying the card can set C4, when available, for use to blow up structures on their command. The player must notify a referee they are blowing a building or using the C4. The C4 is detonated on command from the demolitionist. Once a building has been destroyed the player will tape the doors with supplied tape, to signal the building is no longer in play. The referee will clear the building of player inside at the time of the explosion. C4 can not blow up a building that is being captured, however C4 can still clear a building of all the people.

Structural Engineer Cards

The Structural Engineer card can be purchased for use on the field to rebuild structures that have been blown up by C4. The player must notify a referee that they are repairing a structure. Once cleared to do so by the referee, the player can then remove the tape on the doors of the structure.

Sniper Cards

The player whom has a sniper card can use the card to pick and eliminate an opposing player of their choice. How ever the player being eliminated must be within eye site of the sniper. The sniper must notify a referee with in distance that he/she would like to snipe the person of the snipers choice. The referee will then hole punch one of the sniper shots on the card, and remove the player that the sniper chose to snipe. The sniper card has 5 shots per card.

Transport helicopters

The transport helicopter can be purchased by the commander to transport up to 10 players to any predetermined location. The helicopter must take off from the insertion point. The players will notify a referee that they are using a helicopter. The players will then put one hand on the shoulder of the player in front of them. The front player will put one hand on the shoulder of a referee. This signals that the players are not live at this time. The referee will then escort the players to the predetermined location that had been picked out by team. To land the helicopter the first passenger must first take a knee, signaling that all the passengers are live players once more. The helicopter can not be destroyed. DO NOT SHOOT AT THE PLAYERS WITH PAINTBALLS OR LAW ROCKETS, this will result in a ref punch on the ID tag.



Equipment is purchased separately from cards. Equipment can be taken from the other team to use for your own.


C4 can be used only by a Demolition card holder. Use C4 to destroy buildings. If C4 is set, it can not be reset for the other team.


Flags can be used to cut the time down on capturing a spot on the map. Each flag cuts 5 minutes off a capturing time. One flag is allowed per flag carrier at a time.

-Air Strikes

Air Strikes are used to eliminate a large sum of players. When used by the commander they will pick a location to strike, everyone in that location (foe or friend) is eliminated. Can not be used on enemy Insertion point. Limit 2 per day (Gas is to expensive for more then that)


The Red insertion point for the start of the game will be at Area 51. The Green will start at the insertion behind the chrono station. Insertion points will switch at lunch each day. Insertion times will be every 15 minutes with a 5 minute window.

Event producers and staff reserve the right to modify any of the above rules at any point of the game.

Everyone is encouraged to dress in costume. Create your own empire anywhere from a Roman Gladiator to a business suit. Points maybe awarded to each team for creativity during the game. But please keep it family friendly and safe to wear. Thanks and have fun.

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Posted 23 May 2012 - 08:20 PM

ill be there!!!

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