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I need advice about a gun!

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 04:45 PM

Hello, I need to know if a dangerous power G3 is a good gun. Im new to the sport and want a good gun. :excl:

#2 Lazyazzmofo2795


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Posted 08 March 2009 - 04:50 PM

Yes the G3 is a nice gun. But you need to make sure you have all the gear you need first you need a Mask/Hopper/pod pack/HPA tank/then the gun. So once you have all that get the G3. Or if you think your gonna wanna play in tournys later to me the 09 Ul SLG is better becuase you will not need to buy a new board since the SLG board alrdy has 10 BPS. The G3 does not, so i just wanted to make sure you knew that. But if you still want the G3 go ahead your not makin a mistake at all. That gun is amazing an would be a really nice gun to start out with.

#3 pbCRiMiNiL


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Posted 08 March 2009 - 05:20 PM

here's a quick rundown of the G3:
first of all, it's a great gun for what it's priced. reliable and durable. it's a lightweight killer and it shoots very well. not made for tournys right out of the box. you will need to get an aftermarket board which range from $35-$100 depending on what you get. due to the fact that you need trigger debounce and you need to set the bps. you may also want to get a new trigger. but other than that, the gun will do it's part.
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