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Just a few Questions

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#1 Twinkletoes



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Posted 22 May 2012 - 04:51 PM

First off, I have recently purchased a "stick" from our local running store. Due to other members on the track team recommending it, I purchased one however have a few questions. The item itself is hard to explain, and is named "The Stick" on the container it comes with.Similar to a rolling pin design, it says that it removes knots in muscles and is used by US Olympic training centers. The first question is, how long should this be used when in use on say, your calf??? Or any other muscle for that matter. My second is, can anyone else recommend any specific muscles for this to be used on?? This is somewhat of a specialty item, so I don't really expect many responses if any on this......

My second question is much easier... Does anyone else drink pasturized egg whites as a source of protein?? And if so, is there any other better way to get the same protein amount that egg whites provide without either A. Eating hardboiled eggs(I hate cooking), or B. Drinking egg whites. Another small question that relates to this, Is this safe to drink in moderate amounts???? I might be parinoid but I don't want to chug down a carton of this stuff, then throwing up for a day. (I've had experiences with this when "overeating" spinach and peanut butter). Thats just it for now. Thanks!!!!

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#2 bigfoot



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Posted 23 May 2012 - 06:07 AM

I've never used a "stick" before, I have a vague Idea of what that is. So i can't comment on it

There are tons of ways to get protein without drinking egg whites. you could purchase a tub of protein powder and a shaker cup. Also Eating lots of chicken is a great source of protein. Cottage cheese has tons of protein and you can eat it regularly, or mix it with fruit.

#3 zchrit23


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Posted 24 May 2012 - 05:45 AM

I love the "stick". Awesome tool. You can literally use it on any muscle that you can apply enough pressure to to be effective. I've used mine on my calfs, shins, quads, hamstrings, and glutes to name a few. You can use it for as long as you like, just remember, go to uncomfortable pressure then ease back a little bit and use that pressure as your working pressure. Once that working pressure no longer causes any effect, increase pressure and repeat.

On a side note, I loved to use our big foam rollers back in high school (same principle, bigger stick made of foam) as they could cover more muscle in less time.

Now, I was a hurdler and 4x800m runner and have owned 4 sticks/foam rollers.

Another tip, if your shins are bothering you at all ask me about ice cups, as it's 5 am and i need sleep.

#4 Doctor Hank

Doctor Hank


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Posted 25 May 2012 - 01:30 AM

The stick is primarily designed to be used for your IT (iliotibial) band, which is a thick long stretch of tendon type tissue that runs down the lateral side of your thighs. That area is prone to "knotting" for many athletes and the stick does a pretty decent job of stopping these knots by using it after workouts. Honestly about two minutes a side is good enough to prevent knotting after workouts, but as long as your form is good and not crazy out of shape you shouldn't knot too much in the first place. Also like previously said you can really use it anywhere you wish.

As far as the egg whites go, as long as they are the carton pasteurized type, you should be fine drinking that everyday, but I could see you getting sick just from the consistency and taste if you plan on drinking large amounts. The problem you run into with raw eggs is they bind biotin in your body and can cause biotin deficiency, however that is extremely rare and you literally have to have about a half carton of raw eggs every day for two months straight.




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Posted 25 May 2012 - 12:58 PM

http://thestick.com/...ctional-videos/ instructional videos on how to use The Stick.

Why use egg for protein as opposed to Whey powder as most people use for more protein? Back when I used to lift regularly I used http://www.bodybuild...e/opt/whey.html in the double chocolate flavor. Mix it with water if you are watching calories, mix with milk if you're trying to get more calories, or mix it with milk and instant coffee powder for an awesome morning drink.

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Posted 31 May 2012 - 07:58 PM

theres been a lot of studies coming out showing that a whole egg, yoke and all, does a lot more for you than compared to egg whites. egg whites are fine if u are watching ur cholesterol and fat intake. id suggest just taking whey protein though. or a protein complex mix. and the stick is wonderful, i literally use it on every body part. im a college football player and it saves lives my man!

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