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Cousins Big Game 2012: The Story

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#1 TheHunterPreist


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Posted 07 June 2012 - 11:42 PM

This years big game was my first time playing at the new calverton location, and i have to say i had a blast, and even know it will never live back up to where coram was at, this new field has proven it's worth i really enjoyed the new feeling of a different battlefield. and now to the game from the RED team perspective :3. Basicly on the first half of the first day red was outnumbered 3:1 we had about 90 red for the opening charge and we walked onto the new field in a new virgin land and they called us to go and we HAULED ASS to the middle of the map where we met up with the blue menace. and it was a heated confrontation and blue started getting the upper hand with their strength in numbers, i ended up being surrendered when a brave soul charged into my bunker and properly surrendered me. i went back to our table to take a break and check out the vendors. then it was time for reinsertion around 11:00 i went back into the field and blue had us trapped inside the christmas tree farm when all of a sudden "CEASE FIRE!!!. Honestly i don't know why the cease fire was called but i had some time to meet some awesome people from Blues Crew and a few Master Blasters, and Greg Hastings was there i think but i'm not 100% positive. and we got ready to start again, when they called "GO GO GO!!" We immediately opened fire on blue team, giving them a run for their money, a friend of mine lit up and eliminated 8 of those blue team gooks i got around 3 people and cease fire was called again for lunch break. during the lunch break my friend finally arrived and was followed with immediate bad luck, he got his HPA tank filled and the burst disc blew, then after that got fixed he went to go put on his pinokio loader on and the neck on it snapped and we tried fixing with super glue but with no luck, thankfully blues crew lent us a used pinokio for him to use for the weekend.ROUND 2. we switched sides and blue was on our insertion point we had in the morning, and we started in the woods and while we were walking to the insertion they called us to go when we were not even half way to the insertion point and by the time we got out there, blue had us trapped in the treeline, we attempted several suicide runs but with no prevail, then like a godsend, the tank was sent in! we used it to push up somewhat but with not much luck, at this point i was eliminated and walking back, when i was called for a mission, "OPERATION MINESWEEPER" where we had to stealthfully hold off an area me and my friends nicknamed "Vietnam" which was a bamboo patch with mazes inbetween, when the mission was complete they called a group of blue to ambush us and we did well i ran through the bamboo and tagged 3 unsuspecting blue team through the bamboo and we captured a flag! and that was it for the first day.
DAY 2. i arrived early in the morning and simply couldint wait to get back into the field, By now the teams had been evened out and it was a bit more "Fair"
as we were waiting to go in for the opening charge i met some pretty chill techpb guys and then the moar hauling of ass began and we had blue team trapped in the tree line and for all of that first round we had blue trapped in the woods and they might have moved about 50 yards into the concrete barriers and we caught up point wise to within 100 points (That's what i heard from a ref) and we had the lunch break and we went back in once more but it was a repeat of the first day, we were trapped in the treeline once again and moved up quite considerably at one point i was down to my last bag of paint and i used most of it, i had about half a pod left when i got out around 3:30 and i was walking back and i gave my paint out to a kid with a rental with no more paint and he gladly went back into the battle and i also got checked for non-field paint by a ref! and that apparently became a major problem when i found piles upon piles of wal-mart paint and old cousins paint on the trail back to the tables and that was it for me. My first big game was awesome. it was definitely worth the over 400$ i dumped for this event even know red team lost (like that never happens), and i will be back for more next year. and i hope i see you out there soon also!
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#2 CrewNYC



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Posted 11 June 2012 - 02:45 PM

Sounds like you had a better time than I did at that game but I'm glad you did. I only played the first day and decided not to come back for the second day. Like you, I met some great people there and had a photo op with Blues Crew by their tent.

I see lots of potential for the new Calverton location but in regards to how the game was run, I was disappointed and I understand they had very little time to get things together after the eviction notice from Coram. Yep, there were a lot of cease fires but that was so that they could pull the Blue team back and allow the Red team to advance. There was one air-strike that was called on the Blue team to also try and even things out. I felt there wasn't much variety to how the game was run but two big teams thrown onto one big square like field with bunkers, concrete obstacles, shrubs, small trees, tires and broken down school bus/truck just to duke it out. As for the tank, lots of props to that rear gunner as he took a beating.

So to be fair, I never took the fight to the front because upon observing the battle...nothing was really going on. No one wanted to move up and if you did, nobody supported or ran with you. Everybody seemed happy to stay at their lines and long ball it. Not one of the best big games I've every been to and left feeling empty. Oh yeah, did not like the paint...what was up with that fill? It was thick as heck and was a pain to clean off when I was back in the parking lot.

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Posted 15 July 2012 - 08:57 AM

Looks like they did well for having little notice of location change, also this game had conflicted with Living Legends 5.

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