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Second game of PSP

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#1 Still a noob

Still a noob


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 01:07 PM

Well I was hooked since the first time I tried it last week. I decided to go to a closer field this week and that was Brew City Paintball in Waukesha.

First let me say that the facility's are CLEAN indoor, nice and cool and no dirty bathrooms and no stinky mess. The field itself is turf, (very soft) so bring cleats if you ever go here. And the bunker's are always full (Not half inflated shit..) and there isn't buckets of paint everywhere to slip or rub on. The bunkers are nice and clean every time.
The ref's do their job and do paint check's when called for. Everyone is so helpful there, there sponsor team is always helping the new kids (Like me!). Staff is nice and friendly and always willing to help. Paint is fresh and good paint for 60$. Now the owner Eric...I can't say enough nice thing's about him.. Right away he asked me if I wanted to do drills with their team (I got there early) and I say'd sure not knowing what to expect. Well we did a bunch of snap shooting drills and how to stay close to the bunkers which really helped me a lot. Once again everybody was so helpful with taking the time to teach me. During our games it was constantly game after game which was nice. Even on the field they picked Newb's as the captains and they would choose the teams. So it wasn't "kk our sponsored team vs. walk on's" it was really even, no one got the shit kicked outta them. During the actual games the owner played with us and so did workers and it was a blast, they helped coach us and they didn't go 15bps ramping on us. They just worked on snap shooting and one balling. Everybody was so relaxed and layed back.

In the end, it was the best paintball experience I have ever had. Everyone was honest, no one cheated and they even helped us new guy's out and threw us a pod here and there, and even let us use their guns. I now know what it's like to shoot a macdev clone :)

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Posted 14 September 2012 - 04:47 PM

I went there regularly this summer and i can vouch for all this. Brew city is awesome. Eric is probably the easiest guy to get along with that i have ever met. The experianced players all help out there giving tips and pointers. Last time i was there one guy personally coached me the whole time i was there. All in all, Eric has a good operation there.

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