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  • PBxSwAgPhoto
    speedfeed for vlocity

    PBxSwAg - Today, 12:05 AM

    universal speed feeds are designed to fit on loader that has a circular opening like a halo or a pinokio. a vlocity doesnt have an opening like that, so without an adapter the hk wont fitwhere woul...

  • WiiMintPhoto
    Dangerous Power E1

    WiiMint - Today, 12:04 AM

    I like my Dangerous Power G5, but I don't like the Dangerous Power E1. If you can save the extra $50, then you can get a 2011 Proto Rail PMR..

  • WiiMintPhoto

    Don't cheap out on your mask. In my opinion, it's the most important piece of a equipment a baller can own. My personal favorites are the V-Force Profiler. They're a high-quality mask, in my opinio...

  • WiiMintPhoto
    how much

    WiiMint - Yesterday, 11:55 PM

    I would pay between $400-$600 depending on the condition and quality of the gear..

  • WiiMintPhoto
    Unity Prime vs Azodin Kaos

    WiiMint - Yesterday, 11:53 PM

    If you haven't got one already, get a decent mask like my personal favorite, the V-Force Profiler... Then personally, I would go with the Azodin Kaos because the company has a better reputation tha...

  • WiiMintPhoto
    wich one should i get first?

    WiiMint - Yesterday, 11:50 PM

    I would try to get a used 68/4500 tank..

  • WiiMintPhoto

    Well, if you haven't got one already, get a decent mask. I recommend the V-Force Profiler. Anyways, I think the Axe is a greater marker for getting back into the sport! Personally, I don't recommen...

  • smurfinator22Photo

    first off, what other gear do you have?

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