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#1 Fort Knox Paintball

Fort Knox Paintball


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Posted 08 January 2013 - 12:28 AM

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1 Day Pass: $30 (Includes all day air)

2 Day Pass: $50 (Includes all day air)

Pre-Registration Ends March 29th at 10:00 PM

Don't want to Pre-Register and just show up and play??

$35 per day (Includes all day air)

Breaking News: Saturday April 6, 1858
Sacramento Steamer Union

The rush for gold has been so overwhelming in Sacramento, that there are now more miners, than there is territory to mine for it. There have been several reports to date, of futility and high rates of rage related crime in the small, shanty mining towns.

Rumor has it, that somewhere in South Dakota, in the small town of Dead Wood, locals where digging wells in the countryside, searching for new water sources.

They came across a new resource, but, it wasn't water. Much to their amazement, they struck GOLD! There have been reports of large masses of minors, migrating to Dead Wood looking to gain their share of this new found, less crowded territory, to stake their claim!

Will you follow the masses to South Dakota? Will you be the next miner to strike it rich? Will you be the next one to lay claim your territory, and strike Gold?

Come out to Fort Knox, and find out if you have what it takes to make yourself super rich!

Game Details

Must Play PB Productions & Fort Knox Paintball Presents

"Gold" Game

April 6th and 7th


Friday 4/5/13

2pm Gates open for primitive camping

Download camping waiver

Day 1 (Sat.) 4/6/13

8am Registration Opens

11am Player Briefing

12am Game On!

3-4pm Lunch Break

4-7pm Game On!

Day 2 (Sun.) 4/7/13

8am Registration Opens

9:30am Player Briefing

10am Game on

12:30-1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30-3:30pm Game on

Awards and free giveaways to follow promptly after game ends up front
Primitive camping available. Drop off your camping waiver off at the registration building when you arrive.

Event Specific Rules
Please refer to Fort Knox House rules for general scenario & big game rules, these rules pertain to event specifics that may alter between other games you have played general scenario & big game rules

Insertion Points:
Occur every 15 minutes with a 5 minute window

Typical insertion points will be used for this game.

- Area 51 near the front

- Bone Yard (Car Field)

At the start of the game and after each break there will be a fifteen minute window for players that have not been on the field for the new segment, to enter into the game, after this normal insertion rules apply.

The last hour of Sunday play will be a will be a final battle. This will be held in the Tire, POW, and Area 51 fields.

Starting insertions points will be announced upon commander's consent. Insertion points will flop both days after the midday breaks.

Gold and some other items will be located throughout the field. These props may not leave the field for any reason during game play. You may cash them into the banker at any time while game play is live. If at a break period, you must turn in your Gold or Props to get credit, while exiting the field at the Agents location.

Slapstick Scoring
Slapsticks will be counted at random times throughout the game by the producer. You will want to keep the Slapsticks in your favor. They will be worth "in game SUPPLIES". Whoever has the most sticks at the count, will get the FREE supplies.

Banker/ Ticket Agent/ General Store
As you mine your Gold, you will have to take it to the Bank for deposit. At this time, you will incur a running total of how much gold you have.
This person is who you need to see, for buying Train/Stage coach tickets, and all of your supplies you need to mine your Gold, and complete your missions.

The Banker/Ticket Agent cannot be taken hostage or killed.
The Bankers location will be in the corner by the Chrono area. See the Banker often to see if he has any deals on ticket prices, or discounts on supplies throughout the game. This will be for buying items like Dynamite, and MOS cards that are needed to complete missions, stop the train, and blow up structures.

MOS, Supply / Prices
Shovel= 1 Gold Chip
Burlap Sack = 1Gold Chip
Medics = 10 Gold Chips
Carpenters = 10 Gold Chips
Dynamite = 15 Gold Chips
Scout (1) = 20Chips
Stage Coach (Must be 5 People) =25 Gold Chips
Train Tickets (Must be 10 People) = 30 Gold Chips

Gold Bars
Deck of Cards
Poker Chips

Shovels (Card) are needed to mine the Gold.

Burlap Sacks (Card) are needed to carry the Gold.

Medics (Card) used to heal wounded players. Does not heal Head shots! You must wear White Tape on both arms.

Stage Coach (Must be 5 People with Card, arm to shoulder) can go anywhere on the field safely, and can only shoot at a Scout. Only the lead player can be shot by a Scout. Anyone other than a Scout cannot shoot at the Stage Coach!!

Scout (1 person with Card) can follow the Train, because, he is on Horseback. You cannot go into the Station. Scouts can only shoot at the lead player of a Stage Coach, or the Train.

Dynamite (Card and Prop) Used to blow up Train Tracks, or Structures, includes ALL LEVELS! This can only be used on Train Tracks, or Structures!

Carpenters (Card) can rebuild any Structure or Train Tracks. You must use a Carpenter to rebuild structure or tracks, before use! To use this MOS, you have to spend 10 minutes at the specific point you are repairing.

Train (Must be 10 People, Arm to shoulder) must stay on the tracks, and can go to any of the other Train Stations without any attack, from players that are not a scout. You can only enter or exit the Train at a Station. There will be a route in paint that the train will follow. No exceptions. Once at the Station, you have 5 seconds to prepare to exit the Train. The lead person will shout and count out loud, 5 4 3 2 1. In this countdown, you are safe to find cover in the Station.
If there are 2 Trains going in the opposite direction, and are coming at each other head on, you will have 2 options. If you decide to ram each other, both Trains will wreck, and all aboard are dead. Your other option is to walk backwards to the nearest Train Station.
Only the lead player in line can shoot at the scout. The Scout can only shoot at the lead person!!!

The final scores will be tallied at the end of the game, when each commander has turned in all of the props, Gold, and whatever they have that will count towards Gold. Whichever side has the most Gold, will win the game.

The game will start on time as scheduled! You will be given a warning before the start of each segment!! If you are not there, it is your loss! This is your only verbal warning you will receive!!

The tide rope will act as a river. There will be 3 ways to cross it. Use the Train, or go through the Main Hut in POW, or use the big bridge.


There will be 4 missions per hour. These will be handed out at the top of the hour, and you will have the whole hour to complete them. One of the missions will be determined by a special process!

What is on the mission card, as to what you are supposed to do, and how you are to do the mission, is the only way you can complete that mission for points. You have to do exactly as the card says.

The missions will consist of 2 missions to physically mine Gold, and 2 that will consist of timed missions. There will be action involved in these.

The missions will be as follows…….
2 of them per hour will be, going to the designated area, and following the directions on the card. You will have to take the area, while searching for the gold. There may be a fight for that area, there may not.

The other 2 missions will be to go to the designated area, and follow the directions on the card. It may tell you to go attend church, go to the bar, take out the Town Marshalls, get arrested.

There will be 2 Town Marshalls. They will have the authority to arrest you!! They will carry guns! They will be included in the missions, they cannot just start shooting at anyone at any time! DO NOT SHOOT THE MARSHALLS. You will receive a ref punch.

Only the Commander can deposit the Gold, and Purchase the supplies they want or need.

As a twist in the game, there will be some missions that will be peaceful missions. You will have to control your urges to shoot other miners, and get along. If you do not, you will be arrested by a town Marshall.

If you break the rules, you will get a Ref Punch. Your 3rd Ref Punch will get you ejected from the game with no refund!!
There will be no Barrel Tagging!!!

Cheating and Wiping will not be TOLERATED
If you are on a Team, they will be pulled off of the field for 1 hour, as penalty for your actions!!!Dead players do not talk!!! For any reason!!! You will get Ref Punched if you are caught!!

* Event staff reserves the right to change, omit, or add to these rules at any time with or without prior notice

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 10:05 AM

Is all your events BYOP?
LOADOUT 1: Invert Mini, Dye Rotor, Empire barrel kit, Vforce profilers, Infamous Headband, Colts beanie, CP 3+4 pack, Empire pants and Jersey, Redz Elbow pads, Franklin Knee pads.
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#3 OP4 Bad Karma

OP4 Bad Karma


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Posted 24 January 2013 - 06:54 PM

Is all your events BYOP?

Yes! Fort Knox is a BYOP field!

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 05:37 AM

Woot! Big game on my bday weekend. I will be there.

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