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Posted 08 March 2013 - 06:34 PM

Hey All!

I just saw mike's video on youtube, and being a personal trainer and an old paintball player i felt more than compelled to help out by putting in my input. so here are my certifications,

Level 2 warrior training
PICP level 2(Charles Poliquin's certifications)
Canfit pro(yes i am canadian)
I'm 220LB with a 9% body fat, 5'11 and a stocky build. So I'm in shape but no abs or anything.

So now that we have that out of the way here we go. Feel free to try and make what I said better. Keep in mind there is no such thing as a perfect workout, and most of my arguments will be supported with researched blog posts by Charles Poliquin's site, or other medical health sites. (or some from body building.com that I approve of)


When it comes to getting in shape there are a million places one can start. I started lifting when I was 14 and I'm now 19(Yes I am certified, Family paid for my certs and I paid them back.) The first thing I found when starting training to get in shape is what in the flying flick is all of the lingo and such. SO here is a break down of important hormones and Molecules .

I'm just going to use definitions off Wikipedia because I'm lazy. Don't be too angry :P

Protein - A molecule made up from amino acids. Protein is the reason we have any muscle, metabolism DNA, the whole yards. There are tons of different types of protein's due to the chains of amino acids that make them. Which brings on our next molecule.

Amino acid - The building blocks of protein made from Amine (NH2 negatively charged) And Carboxylic acid(COOH) There are about 500 different types of these bad boys and every single one of them are awesome. Amino acids join together to make small polymer chains or long polypeptide chains or protein. I would love to sit here and type about what they do but they're are a bajillion different things they do. In a nut shell there is 9 essential amino acids. our bodies NEED them to survive. But here is one of the few body building.com links ill drop.


(keep in mind they aren't ONLY useful for body building)

Fat - This one is also big very vague. Fat (Triglyceride's) are "triesters" or groups of fatty acids. They are a part of the "Lipid" group. Like the other molecules I have 0 interest in breaking down everything about fats. There are a million types ranging from animal to sugar. But here is a few links that ive read over and given an okay to.

Glucose, Fructose, Galactose - These guys are sugar. I'm not even going to try to explain them. Because honestly I don't have a strong enough handle on them to explain in detail. Articles all the way.

Carbohydrates - SO MUCH STUFF ABOUT CARBS! They are a form of energy, but if you eat too much you will pay for it. Low carb diets are what work.
More aritcles(Yes this is epic meal time)
http://weightloss.ab.../a/bl_carbs.htm (Not a fan of weight loss . com, but this will do)

Sodium - So much stuff to say about this.... More articles. (almost done)

Calories - Energy. more articles.

Vitamins and minerals - Vitamins and minerals are a product of your body to keep it going ( Laymen terms )
http://www.ecoerth.c...rals-explained/ this one is excellent.

Hormones - chemicals released by cells or glands. There are tons of them.
Wikipedia. (sorry)

I'm giving a link to a list of hormones, The best ones to check out would be testoserone, leptin, Human growth hormone(ERMAGHERD THIS IS IMPORTANT)

usefull weight loss hormones

glycogen - Glycogen is your actual raw energy. Your body burns this to give you energy
You burn Glycogen FIRST when you work out. ALWAYS! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS! WHEN YOU'RE TIRED FROM WORKING OUT ITS BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress that enough. an understanding of glycogen is critical for weight loss.



Okay now that we have what i think to be the most important chemicals/hormones/molecules/whatever explained lets get into talking about weight loss.

Good question!
that was a joke thanks for coming......


Weight loss is when you work all the energy out of your body to the point where it needs some form of energy to keep going. Usually you will know when you're loosing weight because you will be tired as hell. Basically you're burning energy 24/7. Everything you do requires energy to burn. Typing this is actually requiring energy believe it or not.) So when you have burnt all the energy in your body from working out to go on your body will go to what is next in line, Like mike said your muscles. Which isn't entirely true, It burns the energy in your muscles by tearing them apart(if your weight lifting) or take the energy away (if you're running/cardio/etc) So basically once those are exhausted your body is like holy shit man this guy is still going? you're looking mighty purty fat storage. And there you go. Your body starts burning the fat in your body to give you energy.

Keep in mind that was laymen terms. I'm trying to keep it interesting.

So now that we have most of the bio down lets move on to the next thing. working out.

Now working out can be anything. Getting up to go take a shit? Congrats man(or woman) you're working out. Sleeping? CONGRATS! ANYTHING you do that requires to move your body can be classified as working out. (Because you're burning energy). I weight train, I have for years. my friends do cardio, it's their thing. OR like mike said you can just play with your friends. Play sports. Just go for a walk. Walking is excellent for you no matter what you're doing.

Now people will obvously ask which is better, Weightlifting or cardio. And sorry guys but Weightlifting is EONS better than cardio. Steady cardio is horrible for your body and messes with your insulin levels. The only acceptable type of cardio is interval training. IE you are running, you have a steady pace for a minute then you sprint as hard as you can for 15 seconds. That is an excellent form of training. Here is my supporting articles. EVERYTHING YOU READ ABOUT CARDIO BEING BETTER IS HORSE DUNG! DO NOT LISTEN TO IT! I REPEAT DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT CRAP!
Reason why weightlifting > Cardio.

Now that that us out of the way im going to talk a little bit about weightlifting.

When you weightlift your body tears apart your muscles, (kinda gruesome hey?) and burn energy while you do it. As you rip them apart you release Human Growth Hormone into your body (I told you HGH was important). HGH in combination with protein rebuilds your muscles into bigger and stronger muscles.
There are a million different things you can do. But here is the beginners break down.

Start by testing for muscular imbalance.

Then move on to whichever goal your looking for.
Fat loss, Higher repetitions(rep) (80% of your one rep max) for 8-12 repitions of whichever workout your doing with a short rest period(30seconds - 2 minutes)
Strength gain, much lower repetitions (reps) (100% of your one rep max) for 1 repetition with a longer rest period (2 minutes - 4 minutes)

**DISCLAIMER!!!!: DO NOT do this un supervised. You should always be in the company of someone with some experience before you start weightlifting to avoid injury!!!!!!!!!

Here are some weight loss plans and such. These all need to be researched before you put them to work.
(in my opinion the best one)
http://www.bodybuild.../fun/wotw12.htm (this needs to be researched as well, I dont approve of these, but it is always good to have an open mind)
http://www.charlespo...Giant-Sets.aspx (This is a theory, it needs to be understood and applied)
http://tnation.t-nat...p_sets?pageNo=0 (This is also a theory, needs to be understood and appplied)

Thats really the tip of the iceberg. The very first thing to do when starting to burn fat is taking the initiative to figure out what works for you and research research research!
What works for one person may not work for another so you need to find out what works for you!

And guys please try to keep the hate comments to a minimum. I'm just trying to help out anyways who wants to loose weight. I Wish i could help out everyone individually but thats not possible. I wont be checking this forum very often, but im sure there is lots of other people here who can help. If you read this thank you for your time.

And im also always open to suggestions and arguements about why im wrong, when i said hate comments i menat "man how could you get this wrong youre such an idiot" blah blah blah. I'm just trying to help.

I also apologize for the grammar and spelling mistakes!


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