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Virtue Ion eye problem

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Posted 31 March 2009 - 06:18 AM

Hi there. My 1st post, and i all ready need help...

Ok, let me start off by saying, yes i know i have a Ion, but, i live in South africa, and all Paintball gear is very expensive here (if a marker would cost 200 dollars stateside, add an extra 100 dollars over here), so thats all i could afford, and im just thankful i can play paintball :D

So, anyway. Gots me a virtue board for my marker, qev, feedneck etc etc. Everything was peachy, then about two weeks ago, my eyes stopped working. So i figured, since im so impressed with the virtue board, ill go get a set of virtue laser eyes aswell. Went to the shop last weekend, picked up the new eyes, then went home all excited to install my new gadget. And then i hit a snag...

The virtue ion eyes, DO NOT FIT the damn ion... To clarify, the stock eyes sit flush against their cradle, so they simply slide into the eye slot on the bottom of the ion's firing can. The virtue laser nodes are bigger than the stock infra-red nodes, and so they extend inward off their cradle, and they get in the way of the body of the body when you try install them. The result is that if you try to push them in, you actually start to bend the laser node wiring/solder joints, and the last thing i want is to break them.

I tried emailing virtue, and i got a response that reads as follows:

" There is a little play in the joint but not to much.
Do what you can, just don't push to hard."

So effectively; "they dont actually fit, we are aware of this, but just be careful... but if they break you're on your own."

Has anyone had this same problem? Is there some form of solution? The only plan i can see, is too cut the wiring/solder joints, move the nodes accordingly, and the resolder them. Although then the eyes probably wont work, and they will probably break off the 1st time i bump the marker. I have found about 10 other examples of this same issue online, one chap went through 3 sets of virtue eyes, the wiring joints kept getting damaged when he tried to install them.

Am i justified in thinking that its BS that a company releases a product that doesnt actually fit the marker its supposedly designed for, and still charges us like theres nothing wrong? I have to say, after the great experience with the board i am very dissapointed.

If you have managed to install your virtue laser eyes onto your ion, please enlighten me to your ways.

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