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Might as well talk about something.

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Posted 01 August 2013 - 11:10 AM

Hey all. I just thought I'd give my impressions of the local fields, at least the ones I'v been to. I know that this forum is kind of dead but who cares?


Club Splat: 8/10.


I recently checked out this place because a friend was staying at the strip, Club Splat is LVPP's indoor location. First impressions are important and this field has them. You actually walk through a nice main office where (Both times I was there at least) you're greeted by a nice young lady. Once you open the door you are ushered into a black lit arcade room, with a nice air hockey table and a pool table. There was a safety film (Kind of stock but they filmed it themselves) and we were led into the staging area. There are a few picnic tables where you could set up shop, the chrono was set up in a little box and the ref told us 250 was the legal FPS there. The only bad thing I can think of was the fill station, its got some gremlins and will only work if velcor demands it, you need to wiggle it around and around until it finally catches. Also, and maybe this was a rare instance, my friend bought a Gatorade and it was warm. When he told the staff they offered him a cold one so It didn't really matter.


The fields were nice and clean, no 4-5 inches of paint on things, and you wouldn't slip around because the floors are either fitted with carpet or astroturf. I did manage to fall when my foot went off of the carpet and into the netting at the far end of the largest field, luckily my friend noticed and rushed over to help me and make sure I was ok. The field layouts are alright, there are many fine places to hide and I always had a good game. Of the 2 "Rec" fields I like the little wild west town the most- its the first field you'll see walking in, while its tiny it also makes for good flanking. The middle field is a bit larger and worked out when games were played, but there really weren't any good spots where you could watch the field. The airball field is alright, the bunkers seem a little on the small side but that's fine, I played with some guys from a local team and we all had fun. I enjoyed the field a lot but its hit or miss, the first time I went there not a soul showed up, The second time we lucked out and played with a group of out of towners. Oh and I got one of their Club Splat Cards for free, I guess there was/is a promotion going on.


Las Vegas Premier Paintball (LVPP): 6/10 when clean - 5/10 when dirty - 7/10 if they switched it around/cleaned it.


This field is right down the street from my house and used to be my go to field. I stopped going there recently because of a few concerns and because I wanted to expand my paintball horizon. I went there for the first time right after it opened so everything was fresh and new, last time I went it looked like it had never been cleaned, there were areas where inches of old paint could be observed and good luck if you rub against a bunker because you'll get a nice big smudge. I also don't like that its so dusty, I hate having to do a complete tear down every time I go there. I haven't felt safe in the staging area for a while, last time I was there it was like the wild west. People were shooting and just pointing guns around. Attendance is really hit or miss, I'v been there when there were 50 people on a Tuesday and 1 person on a Sunday. They need to rearrange their fields to, with such small fields it would be nice to see some layout changes. I'm not saying they need to redesign the entire field but I think that the same layout on a baseball diamond for 4 years is a little boring. I remember that a staff member blew my friends burst disc on his tank and the owner made my friend pay for a new one and didn't offer to help him put it on. 


The field closest to the entrance is the airball field, I don't know if its a regulation field but it seems a little wide to me. I enjoy playing 1on1's on it. They semi-recently added astroturf to it so its not that bad to play on. The next field over - Aka the middle field - is a big old cluster of septic tanks and spools at least it was the last time I was there. Its a fun field but the home side has an advantage right off the back, there are many more bunkers on their side than on the far side. I think it has to do with the "Castle". The Castle is a plywood cutout painted to look like a castle. For 95% of the games the Castle is irrelevant because it is the furthest back corner. The third field - The furthest field - is your standard Las Vegas set up; Plywood houses, tires and hay bales. This is the field I was referring to when I mentioned the inches of paint. There are spots in front of buildings where you can sink ankle deep into paint, They really need to dedicate a day where the staff goes out with some shovels and just cleans the whole place.


Combat Zone: 6/10


This ones going to be a little biased, I'll need to go back there and check it out and hopefully have a better time that I did. I went there pretty shortly after it opened to attend a friends fund raiser. Unknown to me he showed up 3-4 hours late, which usually wouldn't be a problem except that with this fund raiser I was given game tickets, so I could only play 2-3 games. I remeber that you walk through their shop to get to the fields/ staging area. The staging area was large with plenty of space. From what I remember the fields were nice, the one on the furthest right had shallow trenches and sandbags.It was a good bit of fun. I can't remember if there was a middle one, perhaps it was the airball field at the time? I can't remember but I remember the left most field had some walls that made small buildings, but my marker was acting up so I never got to play on it. During the whole day I probably played 4 games, with everyone but the fund raiser. A father son duo saw I was having a ruddy outing and swooped in to make me play with them. Like I said, I need to revisit the field and form a better more updated opinion of it.


Pahrump Paintball Complex: 9/10


Easily the best field in the greater Las Vegas area, It's about an hour drive from my house but the drive is well worth it. So far its been very hit or miss with the attendance, we either get nobody or everybody which sucks because we can't tell before we show up. If you show up early they do a 2 for 1 entry type deal, The owner will test your paint to make sure its water soluble and he'll usher you to the staging area. The staging area is huge, Tons of tables and plenty of shades, I really like the first table because it has a shade and is under a tree. There are two BBQ pits and water misters if you ask. The fill station is clean and easy to read, I believe they even have 4500 fills. Sometimes they have bees but we've never had a problem with them and by bees I just mean some flying around in the area. The owner is a nice guy and went out of his way to help me when I forgot stuff, offering a remote line for a friends marker and even Teflon tape. He's a pretty cool dude and will jump in with you if you ask. One of my favorite things about this complex is what I'v dubbed as "the goat tower". Its a big metal spiral staircase that leads to the top of an old ice box. From here you can watch people play on the big field or maybe even the grass field. Its a great place to chill to because it gets you off the ground and into a nice breeze. I would suggest wearing a mask up there if a game is going on, you never know when a stray ball will strike. He also has a nice old dog that likes to wander around, She's always a charm to pet. They also have a sink so you can wash off, I like to dip a headband into the water and wear it around my neck to cool off. I really like this field but I would really need to get more people to make the trip truly worth it.


The actual fields are great, I believe there are five. The first field you see is the Grass field "Vietnam", its open most of the time but the owner will close it to let the grass regrow. It consists of 8-10 foot tall grass with scattered obstacles. This field is terrifying, the wind blowing through the grass makes it impossible to hear if somebody is sneaking up on you, One of my friends walked right past me without even noticing. Lest it to say I got him out. The next field over we call "Stalingrad", I'm not sure if that's the proper name but we've always called it that. It's a proper paintball field- it's huge, it'll take you a good 5 minutes to get any where on it. There are busted trucks and proper trenches, sandbag and tractor tire bunkers as well as water tanks and bushes. The only thing I would caution you about is over exertion, its very easy to do on this field. The goat tower has a great view of this field and it can be a blast to watch a big game being played on it. The next field in the rotation is the airball field, I believe its regulation but you need to call ahead and ask for it to be set up, nothing much to say its on grass and is an airball field. The next field after that we like to call "Wild west", it has the same theme as other Wild wests. There are bunkers made out of corrugated metal and there are some corrugated tubes as well, most everything is painted up to look like something else. The last field is called castle, its a little hilly castle type field, with plywood, spools and pallets painted to look like castle walls. 


Vegas Xtreme Paintball: 9/10


I'm planning on checking this place out soon. It looks like a pretty cool field but I can't give an impression if I'v never been there. I'v read that ts more of an airball place but that's fine, as long as its fun then it doesn't matter.


EDIT: What a fantastic field. We were greeted on entering and asked to fillout your standard waiver. We then chatted with the owner (Whom had recently had an accident and broke his arm) and he was very kind. I was really impressed with their shops set up. There was all kinds of gear to look at, I saw they had a cool lego model of a field. I think they had an arcade as well but I was their to play paintball this time.  I believe it was a driving range before it became a paintball field, there is a huge overhang over the field. The over hang creates a large amount of shade and actually lowers the temperature a few degrees. There are a whole bunch of misters spraying all over the first 2 or 3 tables but the rest are dry. The chrono area was rather large and easily accessible, the chrono beeps if you're shooting over 250 when the field limit is 285 but it wasn't detrimental to the experience.  The fill station is easy enough to understand and you can't mess it up, 3k fills all day. when I was their the owner apologized for having one of the fields down because he was getting new turf, so only 2 fields were up to be played. The largest field was the one furthest back, I found it to very large and very clean. The ground was hardened mud with these little tiny pebbles spread out over it kind of like a playground. I found the cover to be fantastic the entire way though the field, no obvious "good" spots. They also have some regulation airball field, I don't know what league it is but it was great. Perfectly clean and there was fantastic turf on the ground, It felt just like real grass. We played a few games of civil war on the open lot which was pretty fun. I would really recommend it to anyone, its a fantastic field and worth the drive if you live across town. 


Bonehead: N/a


I'v only head about Bonehead, and I'v only heard bad things about it; like people stealing rentals and such. I don't know if there is any truth to it so I'd be willing to check it out, to the best of my knowledge its an indoor field. The pictures make it out to be an airball field.


Thanks for reading and feel free to discuss, then again the "Latest" thread is a year old and doesn't have a response.

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