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Backyard Outlaw Woodsball at Trails of Doom Event #38

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#1 FreeEnterprise


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Posted 01 December 2013 - 11:27 PM

Outlaw Woodsball at Trails of Doom! 
Game 1
Game 2

#2 Lt. Blood

Lt. Blood


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Posted 01 December 2013 - 11:48 PM

idk what this trial of doom is about care to post a description of some sorts.

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Posted 02 December 2013 - 12:08 AM

They sure are a bunch of Tippmann lovers, but I like to watch the videos anyways :ph34r:

#4 FreeEnterprise


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Posted 02 December 2013 - 10:27 AM

Yeah, we like to play paintball CHEAP! My typical cost for a day of play is around $15 total! I only buy used gear, and most of my "upgrades" have been given to me...


We never got into the whole "arms race" at my field, as the majority of my players are still using their first marker they ever bought. And since Tippmann's work great in the cold even with Co2, they are the recommended paintball gun for our field. 


Trails of Doom is the name of my backyard paintball field. I named it that based on the video game "Doom" which was my first experience playing fps. I saw some of paintborgs videos way back in the day and it got me into paintball, since he had the "Quake" cam, I figured naming my stuff "Doom" was fitting as they were both old fps video games from back in our day...


We have one large trail that runs through our field, and over the years I started calling it the "trail of doom" because when you went up the hill towards the other camp on that trail it was downright SCARY! You had NO cover, and the other team had all these BIG trees at the top where they could hide and wait until you were half way up, and then they could jump out and unload on you! 


So that is how it got its name. 


I run events at TOD in the fall/winter/spring for my friends and customers at my company. It is invite only, and probably the most "famous" outlaw field on youtube since we have so many subscribers now, and so many views... Which is pretty shocking for a backyard outlaw field. 


I have a degree in TV and Film production from back in the early 90's and I enjoy making video. After playing paintball at my private field for a few years I decided I wanted to "capture" on film what we were doing, so I started filming my games. Over the years I was never happy with the cameras that were available for this type of sport, so I started working on building a camera system that allowed the viewer to actually SEE the hits. As that is the fun of paintball. And I spent a bunch of money and time figuring out a custom zoom system that would work on my Tippmann. I call it the ZoomCam, and now when I play, I use my helmet cam and my ZoomCam and it enables the viewer at home to actually SEE where I am shooting, and watch the paint fly and hit my target! 


I have also developed a BoomCam system for filming paintball from 20 feet up. And I developed the MonsterSpin barrel system. Which I needed for filming as regular barrels the paintball arches too much so if you shoot someone far away, the ZoomCam can't capture the kill because you have to tilt the marker up so high that you can't see the hits. 


With my MonsterSpin barrel system, it shoots flat for MUCH further than any other barrel system and enables me to capture on film my shots even out to 300+ feet away! 






So the TLDR version is


Trails of Doom is my private backyard paintball field. It is fun, and I enjoy filming my games!

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