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Fast Pass Plus (FastPass+) Tips and Tricks

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 04:18 PM

Ok, recently Disney has converted to RFID chips in their passes, and they have rolled out these new wristbands


Before you used to use paper tickets (which was a nightmare), now they have these awesome RFID readers at the entrances. No more turnstiles, you walk up, put your card on the reader, it lights up and you are good to go!




Anyways, the Fast Pass program, has been replaced with the RFID chips and is now called "Fast Pass Plus", or "FastPass+"


For Annual Pass Holders, you can now go online, and select 3 attractions to have Fast Pass for. This is awesome because before, you could only choose 1, and you had to visit the area where the ride was to get it. You couldn't get more than one, and you couldn't get a second one until AFTER the expired for the ride you got the ticket for. So if you got a fast pass for Space Mountain from 2:30 to 3:30, you couldn't get another fast pass until after 3:30. This sucked because at 3:30, nothing else had fast passes available (or it was at 11PM)


Now, you can pre-select 3 rides. Now here is a trick - Even if you aren't a Annual PassHolder, if you are staying at the resort, you STILL can get this capability.


A new trick is to make reservations at the Wilderness Lodge for a campground for $60, and this now gives you FastPass+ for TWO days, for up to 10 people! You can hit Magic Kindgom on Saturday, and Epcot on Sunday for $60, and have 6 total rides reserved under FastPass+.


Some suggestions are to choose the HIGHEST wait rides in Magic Kingdom such as-


Space Mountain

Buzz Lightyear (boys) / Ariel (girls)

Splash Mountain

Peter Pan

Winnie the Pooh (toddlers and kids)


Most of the other rides in Magic Kingdom, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Carosel, Teacups, Its a Small World, Haunted Mansion usually don't have more than a 30 minute wait. But the 5 listed above, ALWAYS have a HUGE wait (90+ minutes). So FastPass+ those rides and it'll save you almost 5 hours of waiting.


In Epcot, the 3 rides I suggest are-



Test Track

Maelstrom (Norway).


Spaceship Earth rarely has a long wait, Nemo never has a wait, Ellen's Energy Adventure is usually empty, The Land is always empty (which is next to Soarin), Mexico never has a wait. 


Soarin always has a 90 minute wait, Test Track has a 90 minute wait, and Maletrom usually has about a 30 to 45 minute wait (which is bizzare because it's a 5 minute ride). So that's almost 4 hours of waiting you get back. 


In the example above, if you add up the time in Magic Kingdom saved (5 hours), plus the time in Epcot saved (4 hours), plus the fact that you get free parking ($15 per day = $30) because you are staying at a resort, you can EASILY see how the $60 investment into the campground is WELL worth it.


9 hours of waiting, plus free parking ($30 value) for $60?


Plus, you get the new Disney Magic Bands, and if you book it in advance, you can log on to your MyDisney account and select your band colors.




Just looking out! Enjoy! 



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Posted 17 February 2014 - 03:23 AM

This new fast pass system is amazing! A few years ago I had to put up with the paper fast pass tickets, and it wasn't worth giving up extra time of rest for your feet.
I will hopefully be going to Disney World once again this year or the next, I fully agree with mike! GET THOSE FAST PASSES! Getting a fast pass lets you plan your day much better, maybe go eat at a classy restaurant with out having to worry about time. Also, its hardly fun to go to Disney World/land by yourself, bring your family, friends, that random stranger sleeping under the bridge!..... if your that desperate...
Going to Disney World is really a bonding experience for you and your family/friends.Everybody is friendly and the atmosphere around the whole area really just keeps you happy and gives you great memories, also memories of aching, throbbing, feet... wear good supportive shoes...
I am very exited about these new fast passes, I can get a few extra hours of feet rest. HIGHLY recommend getting those fast passes and using them on the really popular rides. Thank you Mike for letting everybody know about the new awesome fast passes! =D

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Posted 22 March 2014 - 12:46 PM

Not sure why, not a huge fan of the new system, guess I just don't like change.


We got fastpasses for Maelstrom and quite literally walked onto the ride. The boat was there when we got there, awesome.


In Magic Kingdom we got fastpasses for

Thunder Mountain

Space Mountain

Peter Pan.


Despite going during college spring break and cheerleading nationals (none of them were pretty unfortunately for me) the buzz lightyear ride only had about a 20 minute normal wait. Space Mountain is a definite must for fastpasses, the line is almost never shorter than an hour and a half. Also splash mountain is still closed :(

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