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Game Starts, two bunkers 170 feet apart... The Bunker Buster!

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Posted 05 February 2014 - 07:59 AM

Why does it matter if you can shoot flat? Well, this summer I was playing a game, and the two teams started about 170 feet from each other, our "HQ" was just bunkers, in the open, and their "HQ" was a couple of skids underneath some low hanging trees. 


The game was about 30 vs 30, timed (15 minutes), and you had to take a large fort that was between our two forts. You got points for raising your flag inside the middle fort,  as well as who was holding it at the end of the game. 


Because of the trees covering the base for the other team, they stacked that area with players and if we tried to advance, they would rain paint on us, and keep us out of the middle fort that we needed to capture. 


About 1 minute into the game, I realized that we needed to clear the players out of their bunker if we were going to advance and keep the middle fort. (we had a runner take it right off the break of the game, but he was pinned down... ) But, even after moving up, I was still about 150 feet from their HQ, and we all know what regular barrels can do at 150 feet... AKA LOB paint, with a big downward arch, which is pretty pointless when dealing with low hanging tree branches.


So I moved up into the open, and using my MonsterSpin barrel, I was able to shoot RIGHT into their HQ effectively clearing it, which allowed my team to capture the fort between us, and win the game! I also got a bunch of "kills" with this action as many of them were just standing under the trees as they assumed that no one could shoot UNDER the trees and get them! As the game progressed, I moved around the flank and that entire area was EMPTY when I got there! haha! 


The MonsterSpin barrel is pretty amazing! (oh, and I use a single trigger, semi auto sear tripped mechanical, and you can see how fast you can shoot one with no e-trigger, or response trigger needed)


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#2 ImpulseTECH



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Posted 05 February 2014 - 08:10 AM

The look of the flat line just kills me. I may have seen one of your older vids donstrating this. But just gonna ask anyway.

Will just using an apex be equally (Or close to) as effective.?

#3 FreeEnterprise


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Posted 05 February 2014 - 08:42 AM

To a degree, yes, but as far as and as flat as the MonsterSpin, no...


The key is a consistent spin, to get a similar spin from an Apex you have to go full ramp with it, and when you do that, it is hammering the paint on that little flap and it makes the paint fly strange often...


The more consistent spin you can get the better your paint will fly. You can shoot "under" stuff like this with the Apex alone, but you can't "aim" as well as you can with the MonsterSpin. I've been using an Apex since they came out. (now I use the Apex 2). They are  incredible barrels, but the MonsterSpin is better...


With an Apex 2 at 4 clicks, you shoot about 75 to 100 feet flat max. With the MonsterSpin (flatline regular) and Apex 2 at 4 clicks it shoots about 125 to 150 feet flat! It makes THAT big of a difference! 




I have a pole in my front yard that is 200 feet from my where I stand to shoot. With my Apex 2 at full ramp, if I tilt up quite a bit, I will hit the pole at the bottom. With the MonsterSpin, I don't have to tilt the marker, AND it hits higher up on the pole! It just drops so much less! 


Now clearly paint matters, having good "spinning" paint is critical for optimal long distance performance. 

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 08:34 AM

Playing in the cold, paint gets MORE brittle, and often swells from the humidity. So you don't want to underbore at ALL. Plus turning down your fps from "normal" speeds to 250fps or less will make a day go from barrel break city to no breaks at all! 
But, if you turn down your velocity, you can't shoot far... Right?
Not with my MonsterSpin! Check it out, I got a bunch of different paints from lots of different manufacturers and different ages, and ran them through the MonsterSpin in 25 degree F temps! 
I had
Marbalizer (new) $50 a case
Formula 13 (6 months old) $55 a case
Xball Blaze woodsball camo (new) $39.99 a case
JT inertia (wal-mart paint 1 year old) $29.99 a case
Tournament paint (I forget what brand, at least 1 1/2 years old) $65.00
High end Evil (1 year old) $60.00
All of them looked good, and were not oblong or dimpled at all. They were all paints that met my "standard" of good paint. And the price point of these varied from $29 a case for the inertia to $65 for the tournament paint I can't remember the name of...
Interestingly, the tournament was the oldest by far, and yet it shot the best out of all of them!
I have my flatline set regular, and my Apex 2 tip at 4 clicks for all of these shots. 
Well, enough of my yakking here it is at 115 feet away using Co2 on a remote line. 

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