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Shoreline Paintball's First North American Event

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 03:17 PM

When: September 20/21, 2014 (event launch March 2014)
Cost: Unknown
Shoreline Paintball, arguably the best paintball scenario organizer in the world, is coming to Canada.  I am extremely interested in going.  I hope you are also interested.  Read below for the full story.  I've highlighted points I consider cool.
Table of Contents
1.  Intro
2.  Their Last Events
3.  Current Event in Kitchener
4.  Conclusion
5.  One Liner You Can Skip To If Nothing Else
1.  Intro
Shoreline's First North American Event.
Otherwise known as one of the premiere scenarios this year in North America. 
Doubt me?  Look at their last events in Europe.
2a.  Their Last Event - The Citadel
Introductory Video:

Explanation of the event:

Our company specialises in hiring pretty extraordinary locations around the world for paintball events. We've run games in abandoned chemical factories, Military FIBUA facilites, an abandoned military outpost island off the coast of Croatia, Napoleonic Forts in France etc.

But this is probably one of our best locations to date: A 500 year old Citadel in Belgium....build by Charles the 5th and fought over in every major European conflict in the past 500 years. It is an important historical monument in western Europe.
It looked nice, so we hired it for a paintball game.
The Citadel has walls 200 feet high and the mountain it sits on is honeycombed with 14 miles of underground tunnels. Which is nice. 
The game will be capped down to just 150 players. Some players will parachute in to the game via an air drop and the rest will abseil in to the game zones. Only players who are physically fit are permitted to attend. 
The game will see players breaching the Citadel walls by climbing up ladders over 120ft high and actual mortars will be firing in smoke from outside the facility. Each team will be equipped with a UAV so that they can scout for enemy and every single player will be issued with a digital licensed radio and earpiece for flawless comms.
It should be quite nice.
Tickets go on sale next Monday (12th) at 7pm UK time. They are expected to sell out in seconds.


2b.  Call of Duty IV Event
Introductory Video
Explanation of the Event

*****Call To Duty 4 - Mission 1*****

You'll be equipped with a digital licensed radio and earpiece. You'll be dropped approximately 1 mile away from your target from which point onwards you'll be silent, no talking.......only necessary communication is to be via the radios.
Your Mission Objective is to covertly approach a weak point in the Citadels defensive walls and breach the Citadel to launch an assault on the village to secure the HVT (High Value Target) located in the Village. Extract the HVT to your designated Safe Location.
Mission Breakdown:
Objective 1: Secure RV1 & hook up with Airborne 
You will be dropped approximately 1 mile away. From this point onwards, you'll run silent, using the radios for urgent communications only. You will run the 1 mile from your drop off point to the Citadel walls where you will RV with any airborne who have been dropped in to the game.
Objective 2: Rope down and secure the moat
Once hooked up with the Airborne, you will all abseil down the 200ft walls in to the dry moat - SILENT! First boots on the ground are to secure the immediate area whilst the rest of the team ropes in. 
Objective 3: Clear the moat up to the breach point
Once all boots are in the moat, deploy your UAV. The UAV will rely HD video back to your command console controlling its flight. Use the UAV to recce the moat ahead and check for enemy activity. Clear the moat of any enemy up to your breach point. The breach point is an opening in the walls approximately 120 ft up on the Eastern end of the moat. Run SILENT until the first shots are fired. Expect to meet heavy resistance in the moat. 
Objective 4: Breach
Once you have cleared all enemy from the moat and secured the breach point, deploy ladders and climb the 120ft to the opening in the wall and breach the walls of the Citadel. Use smoke to cover your climb.
Objective 5: Secure the tunnel approaches and assault the village
The wall opening leads in to a series of tunnels which will lead to the village. Clear the tunnels of all enemy - use grenades. The tunnels lead in to the village, launch your assault on the village from the tunnels.
Objective 6: Secure the HVT
Use Intel on the ground from captured enemy or civilians to locate the building and position of the HVT. If no Intel available, search house to house. Secure the HVT and extract to the Safe Location.
Objective 7: Secure the Safe Location and extract HVT
Your extraction to the Safe Location will be done on the run. Send an advance squad to clear any enemy along your extraction route, use maximum violence. Once at the Safe Location, call in the extract team and supervise the safe extraction of the HVT.
Fitness Levels Required: High
Essential Kit: Sling for weapon. Water. Spare Ammo. Grenades. 
Optional Kit: Helmet for operating at height 
Brutality Level: High
Risk of minor injuries: Very High for all players
Expected number of serious injuries: 4 or less. Operation will end if more than 4 serious of life threatening injuries occur...Medevac on standby.
Ticket on sale Monday 12th at 7pm UK Time.
This is not a normal paintball game. This is not scenario paintball. There is no comfort, no facilities, no frills, no hand holding, just brutal dangerous paintball in the worlds best locations.
Next missions incoming..........standby......................... ......


It was at the same place as the Citadel only it was a "hardcore" version.
2c.  Call of Duty III Event
Introductory Video
Explanation of the Event
It was just your standard assault a beach using Zodiak boats, take the forest, hills, tunnels, etc. scenario.  We've all done that.  Old hat, right?   :ROTFL: 
2d.  Tippmann Challenge UK 2012
Introductory Video
Explanation of the Event 
Just your standard assault a village with honest-to-God on fire tanks, flares, machine gun tracer fire, and real Marine Humvees for extraction.  I think this was just last week we did this, right?
2e.  Zombieland
Introductory Video
Explanation of the Event
Basically, an entire working amusement park turned into a zombie infested paintball scenario.  So, you get to be Woody Harrelson.  Cross one off the bucket list?  You bet.
60 Page Manual for the Event
2f.  Staargate
Introductory Video
Official Website
Explanation of the Event

So, what can you expect from this years event?

The first and most obvious addition is that this year will be known as the year that Scenario, Big Game, Sup Air and Woodland Tournament all came together........and it'll happen for the first time ever in the UK at Staargate.
We are absolutely delighted to welcome to Staargate our friends from the CPPS, the UK's premier tournament. The CPPS will be at Staargate with their CPPS Summer Fair.
The CPPS Summer Fair will see a full sized tournament field erected within a netted arena inside the main staging and trade area! This means you'll be able to sit and watch the Sup Air activity whilst enjoying a beer or having your lunch. The arena will be fitted with an outdoor PA system and during clinics, the trainers will be fitted with Radio Microphones so that the audience will be able to listen in to the clinic as well as those taking part.
The Arena will also be flood lit and Staargate will potentially be the first time in the UK that many players will have the opportunity to play Sup Air night games with the very unique atmosphere of playing at night.
The CPPS will be running Street games – basically, an open field where anyone can have a go. Jump in to a game on your own, or form a team, play with the pro’s, play against newbies, whatever you want. It’s the paintball equivalent of ‘Jumpers for goalposts’ and is a fantastic way for those who have never tried this format of the game to give it a go without the pressure of being in a tournament. 
There will be clinics run on the field, 3 man games, 5 man games, 7 man games and a 6 team exhibition tournament. There will also be a 3 man ‘Big Cheese’ Tournament where people who are well known in the paintball community both within the UK and abroad will be put into 3 man teams to play against each other. Some are pro players, some have never been on a Sup Air field in their life, some haven’t touched a gun for 15 years……it should be good fun!
There will be games specifically for kids, pistol only games, ProAm games………..and night games. Something totally new and never done before at a UK Big Game event.
2013 will also see the UWL Super Cup being held on the Saturday. This is open to any 5 man teams, whether you are taking part in the wider series or just fancying giving it a go as a one-off at this event. The UWL is already the UK’s second biggest tournament (in its first year!!) and for many woodland tournament is the most exciting format of the game. If you’ve never tried it, here is your chance. 
We will also be welcoming some special guests. Our friend Greg Hastings will be coming over and as usual we'll have PS3's set up on plasma screens all weekend so that players can play Greg Hastings Paintball 2 FREE OF CHARGE whenever you wish in our 'Gaming Lounge' Area. 
This year, Greg will be bringing some friends with him in the shape of Sonny Lopez (LA Hitmen), Patrick Boulanger (Aztec Future Warrior) and The Wolf. These guys are on a 3 game world tour, playing at the best games in France, the UK and the USA.....and of course, its a Shoreline game that they'll be rocking up for in the UK. Their tour is being filmed for a new paintball documentary so we'll be sure to give them a pyro filled and boozy British welcome!
Canadian Team ODST are also making the trip over from North America with 15 of their players with their Captain Joshua Both also leading a faction.
Many of us have been drooling over the new SAR12 Sniper Rifle. Its creator, Sonny Lopez, will be at the event. Sonny will be doing a presentation on how the gun was developed and will be bringing the first ever SAR12 in to the UK with him. This will be your chance to speak to the man who actually designed and put this work of art together. But it gets better......this will be followed by a SAR12 shooting competition, open to everyone and completely FREE OF CHARGE. 
The winner of the Shooting Competition gets a very special prize indeed. They get to form a 2 man team with Sonny Lopez, inserted in to the game as part of a one-off special mission which will last approximately 1 hour.....putting hats on the ground from distance and being the first person in the UK to fire a SAR12 in a game. Awesome!!
Saturday Stuff:
- Planet Eclipse Tech Classes - FREE!
- Oldies v Youngies The Rematch - 2 hour scenario game
- Loads of scratch mini scenario games
- Team Cover Photoshoots - in front a green screen, we'll take pics of your team and drop them on to some epic backgrounds!!
- Player Bring and Buy sale - turn unwanted kit in to cash, or pick up a bargain.
- Player clinincs
- CPPS Summer Fair - all the stuff mentioned above from the CPPS
- Man v Food Challenges
- The famous 'Shoreline Bull'
- Live band The Blame who absolutely rocked the house down last year 
- Fully licensed pub
- Subsidised catering from Nightingales - the best in the business with guaranteed lower prices than any other Big Game event in the UK - no rip off prices at Shoreline events!
- PS3 gaming lounge
- 3 different film crews - The Paintball Show (Sky), Newbie (Sky) and the Greg Hastings documentary crew
- UWL Super Cup
- Epic players party............and it is always EPIC!
- Free camping
- Loads of traders on site, tech support gunsmiths, icecream vans, shooting ranges...............more stuff going on than you can shake a stick at!
All this....and we haven't even got to the main game yet!!
Sunday Main Game - Staargate v Crusaders
The Staargate main game last year was for many the best one yet. Really simple and clear respawn corridors with high vis netting allowed players to respawn in moment. The Planet Eclipse electronic safes and the Shoreline electronic flags worked really well and of course........you can always count on pyro!
This year there will be 6 factions. 3 Staargate Factions and 3 Crusader factions. 
We always like to mix things up and include everyone. So there will be faction leaders from the tournament side of the game, inexperienced leaders, grizzled veterans and everything in between.
Each side will have a Command HQ in which there will be plasma screens with live updating maps - Shoreline events are the only events in the UK who offer this level of Command and Control sophistication - and it makes for a better game.


3.  Current Event in Kitchener
Introductory Video
Explanation of the Event

***Shoreline announces first event in North America***

Shoreline Events Ltd are pleased to announce that the company has signed to run their first event in North America.
The event will take place over the weekend of September 20/21 2014 and will be hosted at Flag Raiders Paintball near Kitchener, Ontario, approximately 1 hour from Toronto. 
The event will see Shoreline bring their style of scenario and Big Game paintball events to Canada. Players can expect a whole host of innovations such as live updating game maps on plasma screens, electronic flag stations, electronic Player Packs, large scale use of pyrotechnics and high quality pre-event marketing and post event media material such as professional photography and video production. The video content from the event will be shown in a 30 minute documentary to air on mainstream TV in 32 countries across Europe.
The event will feature a 90 minute live webcast, coming right from the heart of the game with live in-game footage via embedded reporters, interviews with the Generals, a live updating game map and commentary from the game designers describing to viewers how the game is unfolding on a minute by minute basis. 
The Scenario Big Game event will feature special Magfed only missions as subplots within the game design, innovative respawn procedures allowing all players to rejoin the game within 90 seconds, spectacular opening and closing ceremonies and a whole host of new game sponsors who will be supporting Shoreline's first move across the Atlantic.
Shoreline Events Ltd will be working closely with the venue owners, Flag Raiders Paintball, to deliver an exciting and fresh feeling gunfight for the attending players. 
As with all Shoreline events, tickets will be capped to ensure the best playing numbers for the game and will be issued on a 'first come, first served' basis.
"The USA and Canada are without doubt the spiritual home of paintball. For several years we have been honoured to have players from these countries fly in to each and every event that we have put on around Europe so we felt it was time to repay that sort of commitment by arranging an event closer to home for these guys. Shoreline is already the only Big Game promoter in the world who operates in multiple countries which up until now have all been within Europe. Moving across the Atlantic to promote and organise a major event is an enormous undertaking but is a challenge we are excited by and the first step in what we hope will be an ongoing journey to run events firstly in Canada and then next year in the USA."
Tim Barnett, Managing Director, Shoreline Events Ltd
Shoreline's Canadian event will launch officially in March 2014.


4.  Conclusion
I can likely only afford one large event this year.  If I can get in on the limited tickets that Shoreline is selling, I'm choosing that one.  Why?
1.  Their past history of events speaks for itself
2.  I actually think Flagraiders have a pretty decent field
3.  Their level of professionalism shows through
4.  One of those paintball moments in history I'd like to look back on and say "You know what....I was there."
5.  Televised, webcast, and other high tech stuff
6.  Plethora of different mission types
7.  Ticket limited so only paintball battle-hardened players will be interested enough to get tickets immediately
8.  Seriously, did you even frakin' read through any of their past events?
1.  Cost is unannounced (however, entry cost to The Citadel was 55 pounds which I actually consider fair considering what you got.  I imagine Flagraiders will be less)
2.  Flagraiders facility at Canadian Carnage, I thought, was not the greatest (the stagnation in the village, IMO, sucked.  These guys look like their abundance of missions may solve that)
3.  Limited ticket supply (I'm going to be pounding my refresh key to get in)
4.  Might not get to play with all of your friends due to limited tickets (yeah, this would suck but I'm hoping the event's "awesomeness" would make up for it if that happened)
5.  First time in North America could have some bugs (I believe if they can pull partially pull off what they've done in Europe, it will still be one of the best events in North America this year)
6.  It won't be a "crazy" location (but as he pointed out, Staargate was at a regular paintball field and that one looked really good)
Interview with Tim on p. 56 if you want help making your decision on what these guys are like:
5.  One Liner You Can Skip To If Nothing Else
If you're in the northeast part of North America, this looks like a boatload of fun.  Hope to see you there.
To be clear, I'm not in any way involved with Shoreline.  I'm just happy I don't need a plane ticket to attend one of their events now.

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 03:22 PM

Bah, I forgot how much I hate editing quotes on posts.  It never seems to work out right.



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