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weight loss help

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Posted 10 May 2009 - 08:36 PM

ok im 17 almost 18 a jr. in high school i started at 5' 8" 245 like 2 months before christmas.ok now for the story, i played football form 7th to 2 weeks befor summer of last year( coaches are to fucking serious in texas and it was more like a job 6 im teh morning work out till kie 9 and then a 3:35 to 6 work out sucks then you have to do home work) i didnt work out at the gym over the summer. i worked construction electritons bitch (under and in the atic rewiring a house) for like 1 and a half and genral for the rest. i sayed genrally in shape. tehn school started and i started going to the gym every day but didnt really want to loose weight or gain muscle just really to take up time. i did like 20 mins then left.i also ate really bad becaus i only had like 5 bucks a week and 30mins to eat so i ate mcdonalds chick flia and other shit lie that. and like 2 months before christmas i decided i had enought ganing weight so i started working out harder to not gain any more weight but was not lossing any either. and like mid jan. i decided i wanted to be able to fit in the dam bunkers, so i started eating subway (hurray for 5 dollar footlong) every day, and working out more. i have stoped lossing weight now im at 208-212 and have been there for about 2 weeks. i run on the cybex machine (kind of like a elyptical) for 20 minutes on weight loss the run for 20 mins on 10 incline(as high as it goses and like high knees) with like 25-45 of 100 restiance. then do some weights trying to do more as i have lose some arm muscle from not lifting in like a year but my leags are still storng (when i quit football i squated 425 and benched 250) what should i do to keep losing weight because i have stoped after around 35 pounds.

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