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Bulking up.

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#1 zune



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Posted 21 May 2009 - 01:17 AM

Hey there...My name is Paul and I am from British Columbia, Canada. I weigh 120 lbs and I turn 16 in July. I am a very scrawny paintball player and I am looking to Bulk up a bit, gain some weight. I am mainly looking to bulk up my arms, chest and abs, as my legs are quite strong. I was wondering if you guys could help me out with a workout routine....What I need to work on to get Biceps etc. I know that eating right is part of the whole process but I am unsure as to what to eat. I absolutely refuse to eat eggs, I know they are a main part of most "diets" but they just make me sick. I was wondering if there was something I could substitute for them. I also know that sleeping is a main part as well but I also have troubles with that. Usually going to bed at around 10-11 and waking up at 7-7:30 in the morning.

Thanks, Paul.
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#2 Sasquatch


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Posted 21 May 2009 - 02:52 AM

At your age, you definitely dont have to worry about bulking up that much. More than likely, a little bit of exercise and a slight diet change will give you good results.

Increase your carb and protein intake, and do pushups, pullups, situps, crunches, and other similar stuff. Do 25 to 50 pushups and situps after every meal, and before you go to sleep.

A daily multivitamin wouldnt hurt either.

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#3 MrSandwich


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Posted 21 May 2009 - 07:07 AM

As far as diet goes, your body uses protein to rebuilt muscle tissue, and your body uses amino acids to build proteins. My brother, who is starting lineman for Navy, uses this technique to get bigger:

After you're done working out, use some whey protein (gotten from any nutrition/health/exercise store) and make yourself a delicious banana/peanut butter/protein milkshake.

Amino acid supplements are not really necessary for you, since your frame is already so small you should have enough on hand. However, a little more wouldn't hurt. Take these per instructions, which usually have you take it on an empty stomach with a full glass of water, just before bed (it will probably say 3 times a day, don't listen that's a waste for you)

Note that the body can only make your muscles bigger when you are not working out, so don't workout 2 times a day or somesuch. I'd even just do 3-4 times a week. And, please, don't go gung-ho your first day of work out because I used to always do it, wake up extremely sore, and never work out for 2-3 weeks.

Good luck!

#4 JMM


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Posted 21 May 2009 - 02:05 PM

Got a gym membership? Or a decent setup at home? I've always found it pretty hard to put on bulk using only body weight exercises (like pushups, pullups etc) but then everyone is different. Don't get me wrong, you'll get stronger and more toned, but I can't put on much muscle that way.

To put on muscle I like to lift heavier weights for fewer reps than I normally would. Like, if I normally do a set of 10 chest presses using 90-pound dumbells, I'll grab some 95s and do as many reps as I can, which usually settles out around 5 or 6. You'd be amazed how much difference 5 pounds on each arm will make... Anyway do 4 sets of that and then move on. Take decently long breaks between, let your heartrate stay on the low side. You don't want to throw your body into 'cardio mode' here.

I like to do muscles that 'go together' on the same day in the gym.. i.e. chest and triceps, back and biceps, etc.

On a normal 'chest and triceps' day I'll do 3 or 4 sets each of the following, in this order: Chest press, incline chest press, dips (to give my chest a rest), pectoral flys, incline pectoral flys (to give my triceps a rest), and then tricep extensions on a cable machine, straight down first and then over my head (works different parts of your triceps). Take in a LOT of protein. I use protein shakes, because I'm unwilling to adjust my diet.

You might have to try some different things before you find what works for you. My routine works for me, but other people have different metabolisms and whatnot. Don't be afraid to deviate from what you read either here or some other website or magazine.

Oh. Don't kill yourself doing endless curls. Building your triceps will go a much longer way in making your arms look bigger, biceps are really only the finishing touch.

#5 Mjolnir



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Posted 24 May 2009 - 07:03 AM

Ok, myself, who played football at OU used this technique to bulk on 20 lbs over the summer (ya, I wanted to just one-up you Sandwich lol):

One, heavy lifting. Each muscle group twice a week, lots of legs, lots of full body lifts (power cleans, clean and jerks, snatches).

Two, eating, lots of eating. I would eat about 5 times a day, medium sized meals, about 45% carbs 45% protein and 10% fat. Pasta was really helpful with this.

Three, I would pound a couple of Met-rx calorie shakes after workouts. They aren't protein shakes, they are more like super meal replacement shakes. They have plenty of carbs, so you body burns the carbs instead of the protein you need to build muscle.

If you're scawny, like what seems to be 91% of the kids here, you need the carbs more than anything else so your body has enough to burn instead of having to burn protein too taking it away from the building process.

Also, you don't need amino acids. Your body doesn't really know what it's dealing with if it doesn't break it down into the amino acids itself. It doesn't hurt, but most of it you will just shit out. Go with meat.

As for what you need to work on, I'll get around to working on that later, but whatever you do, don't do heavy squats. You will grind down your growth plates, which are still open at your age, and you shouldn't hit those really hard. Also, I know this is kinda contrary to what I said a bit earlier, but there is a big difference between a college football player and a 120 lb 16 yr old.

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