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Get the Mods in the Chat a chill pill lmao!

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Posted 09 October 2008 - 10:19 PM

Ok so im in the chat, and me and this guy start quoting "40 year old virgin" and were chill like going back and forth say "you know how i know your agg(it wont let me put g ay)... (added whatever)" and this tool tells me to calm down.... So then im like are you serious and explained the game and just dropped it its whatever. So then this guy comes in with the name like NUB something or other and is like... is mike on????? And im like yeah man!!!! Hes talking about this and that lol. And so he is like OMG jill! he is lying! lol and tells me to shut up or hell hit me with ban stick... so im like idc. If everyone in here is trying to be like pbnation and hand out bans and kicks for everything go ahead. So i keep getting kicked and im like laughing about it bc im just coming back in so im like hey you fuckers who keep banning me, tell me why! And this kid who is "pumped up" (lmao he said that he was) bc he was listening to slipknot, banned me bc i called mods "fuckers" even though mike uses it so many times not in a bad way.... earlier in the show he called us shitheads lol. I think its cool im not complaining about that. But if his mods are getting "pumped up" to ban ppl.... come on man. Ppl are just trying to have a good time and when you try and regulate every damn thing just to make an example of someone... you need to check yourself and get over yourself.... DOnt become the Pbnation... I got an infraction for using the words TechPB.... Thats how lame it is...

Im not mad or hating on techpb, just trying to give some advice
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