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#1 Pballa68



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Posted 11 October 2008 - 02:02 PM

Today my school had a paintball fundraiser for a staff members duaghter, she has luekemia(SP?) for the

second tim ein two years she is only 3. But we had a 5 man tournament with about 6 teams. My team

(pointblank) made it to the finales. During the last game i was in a bunker and two of there guys tried a

run through on me(it was a 4 on 1) i got both of them but when i turned to shoot at someone else both

of the already dead guys shot me each 2 times in the back. i got a thurd guy out in the corner, which

leaves one left. I go to bunker this freshmen and the rest of his team yells HES COMING FROM THE

RIGHT. so i was coming from the right shot him in the leg chest and head, he shot me at the same time

in the legs chest and head aswell. but since i was shot earlier by the dead guys i was called out and lost
the fundraising tournament(the prize was a shirt). I was just mad that they cheated TWICE , and then

bragged about winning after words when i won a 4 on 1. i dunno was a decent day accept for that game

any of you have anything like this happen to you
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#2 chad


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Posted 11 October 2008 - 02:10 PM

i wish my school did paintball related things. sucks you lost to cheaters though.

#3 Sellingbrokenion



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Posted 11 October 2008 - 08:09 PM

Well I know it sounds cheesy, but sounds like objective why you were there was achieved. We were not there so making judgments about calls there seems a bit out of place. If you feel you won, then there is nothing they can do to take that away. A tshirt is a tshirt, it will fade, but you helped a little kid with much needed support, and for the most part sounds like you had a lot of fun. Focus on that.

#4 FamousForNow



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Posted 11 October 2008 - 09:01 PM

One time me and like 5 of my friends who always played together but were never on a team decided to play in a tourney. So we all scraped up some cash threw it all down and got our spot in the tourney. We went to the finals 11 wins and 1 loss! The team that we were playing in the finals we had already beat that day. We beat with like 4 guys left lol. What was agg though was these team was affiliated with the field. It was like the owners friend or something like that. So duringa the final game all our players made their primaries and we were set locking the field down picking guys off.... Except we were shooting them, and they werent getting out. There were 2 kids at the 50 that got hit but wiped.... There were like 6 refs. But 4 of them were on our side and 2 were on the other.... I was so pissed. So here we are getting called out the second a ball hits us and their players are playing on... We lost. We took second and won cash so we ended up playing for free pretty much.... But to know you go 11-1 until the finals and your going up against a team you already beat and you lose bc of cheating it sucks so much ass bc they knew the owner. I was pissed, the only time ive ever been really pissed during paintball.... I hate liars and cheaters and thats what that game was full of.
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#5 toxic city pb

toxic city pb

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Posted 11 October 2008 - 09:04 PM

that blows dude
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#6 ChrisMMA39


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Posted 12 October 2008 - 01:53 PM

I think hes trying to say that he cant believe that they cheated at a charity tournyment

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