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Looking for dedicated 7man team

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Posted 21 July 2009 - 08:45 AM

Name: Jim

Age: 21

Where you live: Windham

Experience: 4 years - all 4 of which are tournament played. I'm coming out of a 5 year retirement.

Tourney XP: 4 Years of NEPL's. I was semi-coached by John Necco and Rosey. I can explain with more info if your interested in me.

Contact info PN, AIM, Email: Colortwang@gmail.com is the best way to contact me, My aim screen name is colortwang and i can log in on that if requested.

Setup: Being a gun whore Posted Image tequila matrix/dm6

Previous Teams:
For tournaments i played with a team called first wave which was a successful 7 man intermediate team. The team was lead by John Necco who was and still is involved with the canes. I'm not sure what he does for them now though. Also Rosey from NYX would participate in tournaments with us and would share his knowledge.

3 Players that you have played with that will vouch for you: The people i played with i have lost touch with over the past 5 years and i doubt Necco would remember me. Rosey would but there's no way for me to contact him. I do however have a few friends that played NPPL Boston events for 06-07 and all NEPL 7 man events which i can get you contact info for.

Id really like to pick up where i left off at the 7 man level. But more important i would really like to progress onto a higher level of play. Before being young the money was a problem - i now work a full time job and can afford to practice and play tournaments. I would like to participate in NPPL events assuming the team is prepared compete at that level. I find that i play best when I'm playing fast decision making positions such as the snake but I'm willing to fill in any position. When you see me play and if I'm not what your looking for i wouldn't mind being a practice player or bench warmer until my abilities have improved (haven't played in 5 years Posted Image) i would much rather earn my place on the team and be accepted by EVERYONE on the team before taking the spot. I'm very motivated on winning in practices and tournaments but i know how to take a loss and not break down a team.
I played at canobie paintball this sunday for the first time in 5 years. I had a really awesome time and there was some good teams there. My mental game is defiantly there but my physical game needs some work (snap shooting shooting lefty mainly) but that will come back in time. I have been in contact with some teams but i haven't practiced with anyone yet. I have been practicing with a "derry paintball" pick up team i think we will be at canobie this Sunday.

I'm not interested in playing 5 man. If you did not do the 2 NEPL's this year and are not signed up for the 3rd I'm not interested. I'm looking for a dedicated team who wants to progress and move on to larger venues. I'm looking for a team that shares my motivation to win - But also can accept the fact that loosing, cheating, bad reffing and mistakes are part of paintball. Teams who want to work around obstacles and that don't want to point fingers and tear a team down. Teams that say good game after every game instead of blaming ref's or saying someone cheated because of a loss.

Thank you for your time

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