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New System for Pulled ads on the BST

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Posted 23 August 2009 - 02:26 PM

New System for Pulled Ads notification

Well considering the new forum software has a few more bells and whistles we are killing the pulled ads database in favour of a new system which is not only more time effective but you will now be PM'd everytime an ad is moved and every mod will have record of the ad being pulled at our disposal.

So what we are doing is this, when we have to pull an ad say if it is missing pictures or has something else wrong with it we will issue you a warn. However, don't panic, it will not add to your warn level, the warn levels go from 0 - 10 the system we're using WILL NOT increase this level. What it will do is send you a PM stating why you are receiving it, and there will be record of it in your warning log so all Mods and BST Mods can see that you have been notified of a pulled ad.

This system will work better considering not only will you have a PM that pops up right in front of your face so you know immediately. But if someone posts an improper ad and chooses to ignore the PM we have record of that PM being sent to you. So for scammers who have ads pulled and just repost it mods will now know and be able to immediately ban them. This is one thing I want to make clear because it goes for everyone, if you post an ad which does not follow the TechPB BST rules you will receive a PM, if you choose to ignore this PM and post another ad which is does not follow the rules you will receive a ban for ignoring a Moderator's instructions. The length of this ban will be at the liberty of the issuing mod to choose. From now on we will make it routine to check a member's warn logs before pulling an ad to ensure that this is not happening in front of us. If there is a log from a good while ago we will of course contact you to let you know how to fix it. However if you have just had an ad pulled and you choose to ignore that PM you will be banned I want to make that very clear.

Again I want to stress that receiving a warn in this manner WILL NOT increase your warn level, you are not in trouble you have simply made a mistake in posting your ad and we will inform you of how to fix it. So as of now the TechPB Pulled Ads Database has been scrapped, I started it before in order for Mods to have a record of an ad being pulled since with PM's only the issuing Mod would know. If he was off for a few hours and the ad was reposted improperly again and it slipped by it may give a window for a scammer to get money out of someone.

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