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New Tournaments and Woodsball Games 2009

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Posted 24 November 2008 - 03:52 PM

Whats up everyone. We would like to thank all the players who have been to our park and we are taking your votes for the New Tournament and Scenario Series we will be starting in 2009. The votes or ideas should be based on Speedball and Woodsball.

The first idea up for commment would be for Speedball. Would you wrather play an X-Ball series or an NPPL series. CFP has been the leader for the X-Ball series in Florida and they continue to do an outstanding job. So we were really leaning toward an NPPL series for those seeking a different venue. I support this idea for several reasons.
1. Paint Prices- This series is SEMI-AUTO allowing for more player control on paint usage thus perhaps being somewhat cheaper.
2. Difficulty- SEMI-AUTO is a whole lot harder as you have to get back to working the trigger to sling some ropes and once again it really puts the pressure back on the players to perform left and right handed.
3. Uncapped ROF- You can finally put your gun through its paces and get those loaders doing what you paid for! If you can pull 20+ BPS then your a GOD AMONG MEN!

As far as woodsball goes we are taking game suggestions for upcoming scenarios and we are wondering if anyone is interested in playing the SPPL series down here or making our own Woodsball League. It completely up to you.
1. What about playing indoors. Such as a hostage situation game maybe even floor to floor CQB.
2. Do you want to see more pyro techinics such as smoke, explosions, overhead aircraft anything goes.
3. What about having the U.S. military sponsoring something with Humvees, Tanks, Aircraft etc.

Anything goes so get those ideas out there. We are Listening. Kohn Sports wants to give you the best experience possible so what you want is what you get. Thanks again.

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Posted 30 November 2008 - 09:12 PM

Hello I was at the Georgian Conflict and am a regular at the field whenever I get money. My suggestions are for woodsball scenarios as follows:

1) Laminated Punch Cards- This way when your out you can go to the dead box get your card punched and then when reinsertion is called go back into the game. It will keep the pressure on the two sides as they will have periods of cool down followed by whole new waves of fresh opponents ready to get revenge on them ;). Also the number of eliminations can be counted up as points for the other team.

2) CQB- Make more buildings. Multi-roomed even to allow for a richer more origional experience on the field. I know you guys are building a castle at this moment mabe when that is complete you can turn the village bunkers into actual buildings. One story or two it is up to you.

3) Trenches- Make strategic areas intrenched to allow for more coverage for players, plus who doesn't like the feeling of trench warefare?

3) Double Agent Forces and or Special Charaters- People or an opposing force that have some sort of specialized edge over both main teams and will reak havoc on both sides at any given time.

4) PROPS PROPS AND MORE PROPS- The more props in the scenario game, the more realistic it will be. Your sent to blow up a missle silo? Make a prop missle silo and a prop explosive to be set.

5) Search and Rescue Mission- (A fragment of your friendly force has been trapped) or (a chopper and its crew has crash landed) survivors are in need of rescue from a hostile opposing force that is approaching fast. They are low on supplies and have 3 confirmed casualties (casualties as in injured they are prohibitted in some way) Seak out the survivors in the designated area, eliminate the hostile force, and return the survivors to base.

Objective Team A- Take a/some squads to designated area. Scout it out and locate the survivors. Repel the enemy attack force while retreating to the pick up zone for extraction. Atleast 2 survivors must make it to extraction. Survivors are not allowed reinsertion to mission as a survivor.
Objective Team B- Our forces have (Shot down) or (Pushed back) a enemy force. Orders are to leave no survivors find them and eliminate them.

6) Secure the Area Mission- A key position has been scouted out on the battlefield. Headquarters has ordered a division over to the area to set up a base and a firing perimitter. However intelligence has indicated posibility of a hostile enemy force heading that way. Make it to the location fast and secure the position as ordered. It will be a vital strong hold.

Objective Team A- Head to the designated area before the enemy arrives. Secure it and defend it from the hostile enemy force for the allotted time. Must have (blank) number of troops left at end of alotted time.
Objective Team B- Informants have told us of a key position about to fall into enemy hands or already stop it and take it over. Find the position and eliminate all enemy forces inside the base. If base is captured hold for allotted time.

7) Escort Mission- An important official(s) must be moved to a more secure location however intelligence has given word that a spy has leaked intelligence to the enemy that he/she will be moved. In order to provide safe passage headquarters has ordered a force to go with him/her and escort him/her. Head towards the base however do not stray to far from the path.

Objective Team A- Move the official(s) to the new base through the designated area. The team must go through the designated area however it must be wide enough to allow for easy manuevers to avoid obliteration.
Objective Team B- Our spy has informed us of an important official(s) heading through the (blank) quarter, cut off the convoy and kill this individual. Only need to eliminate the official individual(s)

8) Sniper- An easy mission to do sniper(s) must eliminate the special person or force and them retreat while the other force once alerted of the sniper(s) must eliminate said sniper(s)

9) Command Post- Set up Command Post throughout the field designating them by flags (different colors for different teams) and as they go through the field they can capture command post or have special missions for each post.

10) More pyrotechnics and smoke screens

11) As said in the origional post by Kohns a hostage game.

12) Finally any type of military involvement with vehicles would make this even better.

13) Intergrated missions- This is unique but requires alot of planning, however it really diversifies and makes the game experience unique. Make missions so they affect each other. If the team loses a mission it will have an adverse affect and cause this to happen or this new requirement vise versa if they win. It just makes for a really intense day of play as it will keep players on they're toes on knowing the fact that as soon as this one is over the fact that if they win or lose can completely change the type or difficulty of the next mission.

Overall Kohns is going in the right direction as they know to ask they're players what to do better and are listening and really trying to improve. Some of these situations/missions I stated would be really cool for the next or mabe future scenarios if not next as they are unique and can really spice up the game vs. the usual attack and defend missions. Hope I helped in some way.

#3 darksleep



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Posted 02 December 2008 - 04:06 PM

Thats what Im talking about!!!!! Keep this stuff coming Im listening and I will make it happen. Thanks for your input.

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Posted 08 December 2008 - 12:17 PM

A Xball league or NPPL league would be great to have at Kohn! I can't give too much input, because I have never played in either, but none the less it would be nice.

A woodsball league would also be great. You guys have the perfect fields, space, and customer base (alot of woodsball & scenario players) for this to work out.

Your scenario games have played out pretty well and keep getting better everytime around. The previous poster put up a lot of great suggestions and I agree with most of them.

Either way, it's a great time playing at Kohn, whether your out there for speedball or woodsball. The owners, management, and staff are great! They are knowlegable about the sport, friendly, and most important, they are all about safety! Keep up the good work!

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