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  • unfated33Photo

    The problem is my awesome responses keep killing threads. Either that, or I'm just so boring that people give up on reading all the way down to the reply window.

  • SoCal Zoom CamPhoto

    Well technically my wife bought it for me.  Played with it twice now and I love it.  Trigger is very close to the Lux in terms of feel and just a different profile.  Almost zero kick...

  • doubt_cloudyPhoto

    Okay, so use the stock barrel and get valken graffiti at $60/case? I'm still wondering if I should buy online or try to find a shop near me.

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    You don't need a barrel upgrade. It does nothing other than change the looks and give you marginal efficiency gains. 

  • doubt_cloudyPhoto

    Alright, I'll get valken graffiti. Do I find a store and go there and check the paint before I buy it or do I buy online? Also, what do you mean by "Now you don't have to spend $60 but again?" Also...

  • SpectralHunterPhoto

    Unless you can't afford it I find that buying the cheapest "beginner" stuff isn't necessarily the best choice. Beginner stuff tend to be lower quality and you generally outgrow it quick if you pl...

  • SpectralHunterPhoto

    You can get valken graffiti for $60. A lot of players like that paint. Now you don't have to spend $60 but again, I would get paint that's better than the basic practice balls. $50-$60 is a good pr...

  • doubt_cloudyPhoto

    At my field, the cost for paint is $16+tax for 500 rounds, which is at least $65 a case. Is it still worth it? I know it's being safe and all because I don't have to deal with breaks during shippin...

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