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  • aaply.25Photo
    Autococker Trilogy Leak

    aaply.25 - Today, 06:08 PM

    Hello Tech PB, I'm new to this website and the sport in general, and have recently purchased a used autococker trilogy sport. After attaching a CO2 tank, I  hear a hissing sound from wher...

  • itsTweakPhoto
    Best woodsball guns

    itsTweak - Today, 05:21 PM

    I got a Tippman Gryphon for a present 2 years ago and have been paint-balling actively, but I think it is time for an upgrade due to the lack of mods, and upgrades for this marker, I have a budget...

  • the  VampirePhoto
    The Techpb Gun Club

    the Vampire - Today, 04:40 PM

    oh :mellow:

  • WhiteRiverPaintballPhoto

    Come out for Open Play this Sunday, March 29th and we'll give you all your standard rental equipment FREE with your paid admission. Just mention the code phrase "LEARN THE BASICS" at registration a...

  • bigxPhoto
    Girls Grinding Gears

    bigx - Today, 04:16 PM

    Would rather have TB12 

  • TDHunter99Photo
    The Techpb Gun Club

    TDHunter99 - Today, 02:37 PM

     This?is that a safety, on a glock :dodgy:  more like this, minus the threaded barrel. and no, that's the slide catch. Glocks don't have a manual safety.

  • HarryPhoto

    Get a mini gs or a axe because they are poppet valve and don't need to be maintained every weekend and for the mini gs it is one screw and the bolts it of the back or if the axe is too expensive bu...

  • SeanPB1029Photo
    Remote Line

    SeanPB1029 - Today, 01:17 PM

    IMO the remote will do nothing but get in the way. A better unveswnt would be an air through stock kit or ninja SL tank. A remote line won't allow you to switch hands and the tank takes away room f...

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