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In Topic: Quirks

04 August 2009 - 01:16 AM

Eventually, you'll be in shorts and a tee shirt, with no pads at all. The advantage of pump is moving quickly and choosing your shoots, not diving around and flinging ropes of paint into the air in the hopes of 1% of your shots finding a target.

In Topic: WARNING! ANSgear!

03 August 2009 - 09:29 PM

I tell everyone to order from ANS at their own risk. I've ordered from them 3 times (once from BarbsPB, once from ANSGear, and once from Warrior Paintball-- they're all ANS), and they messed up every order-- I had to contact customer service for every single order, one of which took 10 days to even ship. There are no excuses. I don't care how big or small the company is. Amazon is one of the biggest e-tailers in the world, and they get every single item I order to me in 2 days. In my ordering experience, PBGateway is superior to ANS in every single aspect-- as are pretty much every other paintball dealer on the internet.

In Topic: Speed Feeds: Crown seems alot overrated (it even came off of mikes gun!!!!!)

03 August 2009 - 04:51 PM

I prefer the Exalt over the Virtue crown, any day. Holds on the hopper better, and it's cheaper.

In Topic: air tool oil

03 August 2009 - 04:48 PM

I've been using Senco air tool oil on my Sheridan/Palmers and Snipers/Cockers for 20 years.

In Topic: ID this cocker?

03 August 2009 - 04:47 PM

It's a '99 body, but as with other Cockers, there's no telling how much of the rest of it is that old. The body has just been heavily milled, just like my RF '95. I paid ~$85 for mine, similarly equipped.