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In Topic: High Resolution Pics of Ego 11 from Mike Deep Photography

24 September 2010 - 04:50 PM

Interested to see how the ASA will work.

In Topic: P90X - Who else is doing it?

11 September 2010 - 02:18 PM

I had P90X for about a month until my sister took it off to college with her lol.
Hopefully getting another one soon. I saw remarkable differences in my energy levels while doing and can still feel it now. I really want to complete the 90 days before January 1st so that way I will be in peak shape for the new year.

and for the person who posted before me ^^ yoga is probably the GREATEST thing I've ever done. The P90X yoga is killer and I only do about an hour of it, but I go to yoga classes at my gym (which are complimentary with my membership) and they are so refreshing to the mind and body. I didn't believe in it until I really tried it over and over again. If you do it in the morning you will be in a happy mood throughout the day feeling great, and if you do it at night you will get a great night's sleep. It makes you so flexible and strengthens your core muscles. It's a great workout if you do it right.

In Topic: I'm very fat

09 September 2010 - 06:10 PM

I'm 6'4 and 5 months ago I was 250 pounds. It doesn't sound like alot but I didn't play any sports besides paintball and I had recently stopped playing, so I didn't hold the weight well. I used to eat ALOT of food. This was usually my daily intake of food.
Breakfast: A large glass of milk, sugary cereal, a cereal bar. (6:00 A.M.)
Snack (usually at 7:30AM when I got to school): Another large milk and a large chocolate muffin.
Lunch(10:30-12:00AM, depending on my schedule): soda, a large cookie, and whatever the main lunch was, which was usually something fattening like chicken nuggets or pizza
Then right after school I went to Wendy's and got a double stack and small soda (2:40PM)
Then I'd have dinner which was usually semi-healty. Chicken, baked ziti, whatever was cooked for me.

I realized that I was getting huge and I knew it was time to change.
I didn't stop eating everything at first because I knew I would just go back to my old habits. So I started slowly. I got a gym membership at a local gym with a couple buddies and I cut out some of the meals i was taking.
First I cut out the cereal and just ate the muffin when I went to school.
Then at lunch I started drinking gatorades instead of soda and I cut out the cookie.
I stopped the Wendy's runs and waited till I went home to have some chips or something then.
Then I would go to the gym for about an hour
Then eat dinner.

I did that for about a month so my body could adjust to the lack of junk food I was going to take.

When I went to the gym, I had no clue what to do. I just did all the weight machines they had there in a rotation on seperate days. One day was arms, the next legs, the next chest, and so on and repeat. I also tried to do cardio every day for atleast 10 minutes but that wasn't and still isn't a lasting factor.

Then I started really cutting on my eating. Summer came along and it was time for the beach so I wanted to lose the hips and lose the fat.
I ate 2 scrambled eggs (which I HATE) but I mixed them with a little provologne cheese and salsa which made it taste surprisingly alot better.
I also started drinking alot of seltzer water(the ones with no sodium) for me, water doesn't taste good and the seltzer water feels like soda. Put a lime in it and it tastes like sprite! (sorta)
Then I would usually go out with friends and have a good time and usually eat out (but I stopped eating the bread and appetizers and got a salad with my main course)
Dinner I would eat whatever was given to me at the dinner table. (Porkchops, meatballs ect.)
I was also adding alot of fruit to my diet and attempting to eat veggies (asparagus isn't that bad if you put a little butter and garlic on them!)

I started lifting weights at the gym (while keeping my routines on the machines) and I was losing alot of fat and gaining muscle. By the end of the first month of summer I had lost 50 pounds! It was great and I felt great.

I did that all summer but now school was starting and I wanted to make sure I didn't eat any junk at school and keep up a healthy diet.
This is what I am currently eating now as my diet.

2 scrambled eggs w/ provolone cheese and salsa, a medium glass of milk, and some fruits (maybe a banana or some grapes or a plum)

An italian hoagie (I'm not sure what meats are in there, that's just what is labeled on the sandwhich) and a water bottle (yes, I've forced myself to start drinking water!)

Snack after school (3:30PM):
A peice of lean meat such as chicken or fish and a peice of fruit with seltzer water.

Then I'll hit the gym.

After the gym I have another snack (5-6:30PM):
A whey protein shake (for extra protein) and a nutri-grain bar (not the healthiest but eh, it's better than a snickers)

Lean meats and vegetables with seltzer water

This might be all REALLY overwhelming because it was and still is for me but trust me, just go to the gym and try and refrain from so much junk food, and you'll just drop the weight.
I'm now 190lbs and am working on getting my 6-pack :P

I'm EXTREMELY happy that I did this. I have so much more energy, I'm now not the most out of shape one in my group of friends, prettier girls are talking to me, all in all my life has gotten better.

I hope this helped you and I can't wait to hear if it worked for you!