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In Topic: Indiana Ballers V3

07 September 2014 - 10:05 PM

This thread isn't like what it used to be. Last post before yours was from October of last year... Unfortunately lol.


I'll welcome you in here though. I'll even edit the first page and add you haha


You're more than welcome to keep posting in here though, you probably wont hear from many of the other Indiana Ballers, I doubt any of them still use this forum actually. It's slowed down a ton in general compared to previous years.


Welcome aboard. 

 I heard there was someone I needed to prove wrong :P


This forum would probably stayed the same if certain people hadn't fucked up their own vision for it. And, you know, if those same people werent assholes to newbie players/people wanting to start a team. I've also heard that this forum is now under the damn 4th reich.


Once I find a job, I'll be getting back into the paintbullets. got a new tank for christmas but havent had the money to try it yet ;'( 


Definitely down for playing some paintball with you guys next season, however. 



EDIT: I so need to change my sig. I have a ninja tank now, I have a girlfriend, and I'm not in high school.