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remote line troubles....

26 April 2009 - 09:29 PM

alright here is my issue. i was outside today with my alpha black shooting at some targets. I turn on my remote line and shot a few shots, everything appears OK. well i turn off the air flow into the tank ( i got a smart parts max flow system on the tank that im using) and remove the female end from the male end on my gun well i just leave it there and well when i plug it back into the gun and turn the air on, all the air starts escaping. at first i thought it was just a lube issue, so i grabbed my gun oil and lubed the slide check area, but its obvously not that because no matter how much lube i use it still leaks. i think that the o ring in the remote line may be busted, but im no expert and i rly don't wanna be fiddling around with that shit. so what should i do? i rly don't wanna have to buy another remote line


30 March 2009 - 03:33 PM

hey guys

i just bought a Tippmann alpha black tactical and i want to get some upgrades for it. I know it has 98 threads so that will give me some options on upgrades. I need to thought, how can i make it more accurate, other than buying a flatine for it? like are there any other ways that i can make it more accurate or am i limited to just the barrel?

also in terms of a barrel upgrade, i wouldn't mind hearing some suggestions on other types of barrels other than the flatline. Ive heard some good things about the hammerhead barrels and the crossfire barrels and a few others that i would have to go look up since i can't remember the name of em, but all in all suggestions on a barrel upgrade would be nice

thanks :)

tippmann a5 or alpha black

08 March 2009 - 03:36 PM

ive heard some good things about both the tippmann a5 and alpha black. I need a better gun to use for mostly woodsball, and ive narrowed it down to either of these. The only problem is i can't decide which one to get. i know im saving money if i go with alpha black, but i know that u have to pay for quality. I have a friend who had an a5 and he loved it. I had the pleasure of trying it out, and damn it was accurate. ive never tried the alpha black but heard alot of good things about it in reviews and such. so i need help which one is the better buy?

TM7 or X7?

19 February 2009 - 06:10 PM

title says it all,

can't decide between a BT TM7 or a X7

need some help

vibe tank removal

19 February 2009 - 05:26 PM

hi guys i got a question

im gettin a new paintball gun and on the weekend i decided that i would take my vibe apart, clean it, removal the tank and just put it away for a little while. I did a complete dis assembly except the tank wouldn't come off. i would like some help on how to remove the tank so i don't have to go and buy a new one. check the attachment for a picture of the problem area.