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ORINGMONKEY -“All that is man” and the Banana scented Poo!

26 February 2010 - 08:42 PM

ORINGMONKEY -“All that is man” and the Banana scented Poo!

It can happen to anyone at anytime and could put a real downer on your day. You and friend head out to your local field to play the day away. You arrive and gear up for an exiting day of Paintball. You pull out your marker and gas her up and what happens next? She leaks and nothing you do will stop it, you have blown an O-ring and you know it sucks! We can all be ready for this scenario with ORingMonkey!

Every Paintball player, shop and field owner can truly appreciate the amazing services offered by ORingMonkey. ORingMonkey as the name would suggest specialize in Paintball O-Rings and kits for almost every maker under the sun.

Offering a huge amount of different kits and O-ring packages these guys have all the bases covered. ORingMonkey kits contain every O-Ring you would need to rebuild your markers front to back. Each kit contains three full rebuilds giving you huge value for your money. All O-Rings are high quality Buna-Nitrile (BN70) O-Rings and boast a Durometer rating of 70.

I have recently received several different rebuild kits from ORingMonkey along with the brand new TechPB “ALL THAT IS MAN” O-Ring kit of Death. We started by testing out the marker kits by rebuilding a few markers we had laying around. We did the PM5, MTAC, and SLG with maker kits and I have to give a big thumbs up to this product.

Moving on we opened the massive TechPB Kit of Death. This huge O-Ring kit was built up for TechPB and contains a staggering 30 pieces of 27 different common O-rings from 003 to 023 and more. The first ten of these kits sold by ORingMonkey would have the signatures of Mike, Kitty and Willie of TechPb fame making them a hot ticket item.

I jumped in with SP-1 in hand and replaced every O-Ring in my marker in no time flat also learning the sizes of them all using the handy chart on the top of the box. Educational as well, Thanks ORingMonkey!

Each of these kits would also come with one O-Ring pick (which I had never owned until now and found to be very useful) and a free jar of the lube of your choice. O-ring Monkey offers you either Dow55, 33, Slick Honey or what I would call the house special Monkey Poo!

Monkey Poo is ORingMonkeys special lube made fresh for us to enjoy. Deigned with spool valves in mind Monkey Poo helps to prevent bolt stick and stop first shoot drop off (FSDO). Poo goes on thick and stays in place also holding up and not running while performing overtime. Did I mention this stuff smells like BANANAS! That’s right Banana scented Poo, seriously this stuff smells great giving off a wonderful Banana smell the whole time you work. In the few makers I have rebuilt using only Monkey Poo my chronograph was more consistent, no FSDO AND MY SHOOTS SMELL LIKE BANANAS!

All in these kits are par none the best out there I have ever used. I have been struggling to get every little O-Ring for my kit and for all my markers and O-Ring Monkey made it very easy for me. I would not wait for a second to tell you this is a great product. ORingMonkey staff and dealers offer fast, friendly and reliable service.

Operation Milsim and BuyMilsim.ca is currently the only Canadian dealer of ORingMonkey products including an expanding selection of kits and of course Monkey Poo!

ORingMonkey will not let you down when leaks strike, remember it can happen anywhere and anytime! You could be next! Be Prepared with ORingMonkey 3 Time Rebuild Kits for just about every marker.

Check it out at: www.oringmonkey.com and www.buymilsim.ca

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