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Inception Designs Invader Mounts

20 June 2013 - 10:32 AM

Full Disclosure: I’m sponsored by Simonized/Inception Designs.

So, as I’ve mentioned in this thread, I’ve been working for over a year now on a custom gun camera setup. My intention is to record the shots I take with my First Strike gun (started with the T9.1 and now with the FN303). My initial gun camera (Standard Definition bullet camera and digital recorder) didn’t work out as well as I hoped as it was bulky, heavy, and required too many steps to get it recording. I only got one good game video with this setup:


I gave up on that approach and I set about acquiring all of the components for my next approach:
  • GoPro Hero2
  • Ragecams 50mm lens
  • Custom Lens Protective Shroud
  • 2” Offset Picatinny Rail (to allow the GoPro to clear my optics) and...
GoPro Picatinny Mounts. Initially, I started this with a Strikemark mount but, the problem with the Strikemark is that because it relies on the GoPro’s ‘shoe’ and, the large adjustment knobs, the camera’s much taller than when it’s on either of the Inception Designs Invader Mounts (1913 and XL) Ultimately, that led to this configuration:

Posted Image

I took this to Living Legends but, a bump to the lens shroud (and it’s added leverage) tilted the camera down just enough to cause me to catch nothing but the ground about 10yards ahead of me. This is purely operator error and if I had checked it at any point, I’d have found it. The mount can’t really do anything about this on it’s own- if you make the camera immobile, you’re more likely to break the case with a hard knock.

Well, I had an extra mount for my pistols and I got to thinking: What if I could convert it to a brace / shock absorber and ultimately that lead to:

Posted Image

One Dano 1/2 (3/4" O.D. from Home Depot) flat washer (rubber), in each of the mount's slots, opening up the washer holes a little bit, and trimming some off their tops (10:00 position in the above photo) allows the camera to line up perfectly with my optic’s point of aim. It will absorb a little shock if there’s a hard impact and, the camera's knocked backwards, I can quickly tap it back down to the washer for easy realignment.

Overall, I’m very impressed by the diminutive size and light weight of these mounts. It’s one of those ideas that really should’ve come long ago in the GoPro’s history. The 1913 easily clamps to all of the various picatinny rails in my house save one: My real steel FS2000 (Tactical). For that one, I need to tear down the gun beyond fieldstripping only because the front and rear ends of the top rail are occluded by the rest of the gun, preventing me from sliding anything onto the rail. The XL version clamps to both my 9mm and .40 XDm (4.5” barrel-models).

I hope to have some paintball footage recorded in the next month (my day job has had me quite busy over the past couple months). I'll make sure to post links to any new content here.

Totmacher 13

31 May 2013 - 01:31 PM

A bit more than a year ago, I found myself in position of a good condition (i.e. barely used) FN303, complete.

Posted Image

I immediately had the valve off to my local machine shop for cutting the laser welds and, turning me a custom, delrin insert that fills the entire volume except for the minimal amount needed for proper velocity and, ensuring a smooth rear to front air flow to the powertube.

I then immediately set about getting more magazines (I wanted to build up what I consider to be my required inventory as I know these things can be very hard to get). Once I had the magazines I needed (late march of this year), I then set about setting it up for paintball.

Tymcneer (Brass Monkey Customs) found that the machine shop took just a hair too much material from the valve and it was causing me problems. He fixed that problem and, installed a ULT trigger to give me a short, crisp pull. I also had him re-thread me a Hammerhead barrel to get rid of the fin, and adapt it for Autococker threads. I also had a custom raincover fabricated. I set it up for a remote line and, duracoated it in my custom camo pattern:

Posted Image

I set it up initially with an HHA Optimizer, a Leupold Laser Rangefinder, and my custom 22x Zoom GoPo camera (I intend to capture video of those targets I shoot at ranges farther than 40yds), held in place by Inception Designs' Picatinny GoPro mount and, a custom offset made by Olane over on MCB:

Posted Image