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In Topic: Hydration for a BT Static vest

13 April 2009 - 01:07 AM

when I read the title, I was confused

I didn't know the BT vests needed hydrating LOL JK

Yea all our paintball gear will come to life and start eating and drinking. next thing you know we will bow down to our tippmann X7 and make it a pineapple smoothie

In Topic: Woodsball mask

12 April 2009 - 10:58 PM

I always recommend the Profiler from V-Force. It's just such a great mask. Probably the smartest purchase I ever made.

sad to say this, but a year ago when i started to play paintball i was given a free pod pack, empire paintball pants, and a VFORCE PROFILER! I thought it was crappy, until i saw some terrible masks my friends had.. All my mask needed was some new lens and i was ballen. Man i feel happy now! haha.

In Topic: Urban Quest

16 February 2009 - 10:04 PM

I've gone to urbanquest 3 times, and its fun if you like rec ball. they only do wasteland / scenario once or twice a day depending if people wanna play a 2nd game. Tires and Village are the most fun, but the speedball field is garbage. They do 3 speedball games, than the bunkers are deflated mid day and no one refils them. 3 small fields and a woodsball field for 20 dollars admission. 7 dollars for all day air. 5 dollars for pizza. Their is no drinking fountain, AND DONT BUY FIELD PAINT!! bring your own, the paint is 65 a case and you have no about quality. So just go down to Wally World, Zephyr in Ventura, or Sports Authority for ammo. And don't bring any brass eagle balls, they stain the field with a terrible black residue that can't be sand blasted off!