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not a complaint

29 April 2011 - 03:29 AM

Im very sorry I havent been very active here this past year. I of course did notice 2 days ago I no longer had moderator. Its no big deal, I will always support techpb and put it first above all other online paintball communities. Ive been so busy getting my life together, constantly moving between states, apartments, taking care of family, ect... not a whole ton of time to do much on the net, or even play paintball. I feel awful I even had mod for so long and didnt help much when I seen others spend tons of time working in the forums. I expected this to happen I guess Im trying to say lol.

Anyways, It was a privilege being a staff member here, and once again thanks mike and willie for letting me at least keep my players club membership. It does mean alot to me. Ill be honest when the day comes when Ill be ready to serve with yall again, I dont want to have the mod badge if I'm not earning it. Ill see yall in the forums, well as often as I can till I am finally settled in somewhere for a while. I do check in on the timmy forums tho lol, but my knowledge kinda ended with timmys after 2007, I could never afford to buy any $1000 markers after 07 and my alias served me well till it found a new home recently. -Bruce