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20 February 2009 - 09:20 PM

is the ion a good gun to get at first? :)

i had an ion fully upgraded

fire bolt
black heart board
xe conversion kit
q lock feed neck
critical asa
cp drop
dye ul barrel
cp roller trigger
ans body kit
and new eyes

but week after week i was fixing it because there were problems all the time so unless your a diehard fan of ions and have money no dont buy it

even after i fixed it and sold it with all those upgrades i only got 200$ in return when i spent prob. over a 1000$
so theres no resale

do yourself a favor go to ansgear.com click on markers/guns then go to proto then go to slg and buy the 09 basic slg for 199$ great marker ive tested it and its an awsome marker